Monday, June 27, 2011

This week June27 to July3 -2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,

 This week we have ARCHANGEL RAGUEL and JOPHIEL communicating with us.
"Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your inspirations.The doors are open,while you walk though them with us
 by your side.Don't delay or procrastinate,as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success.Everything and everyone is on your side,supporting your positive outcome".
RAGUEL'S energy is Sea-green...and he wants us to believe in ourselves and says that this is the perfect time;mostly for those of you who may be thinking of new job opportunities,house move..changes in relationships which may not be serving your highest good;this is the right  time to act upon them.
Fearlessly and with faith you must trust your vibe and make a decision and move right ahead and be where
you belong.Newness may tend to make you feel lost and confused sometimes,and thoughts like whether you are doing the right thing or not may cloud your mind with doubt,well that is the time to trust in yourself and do call upon ARCHANGEL RAGUEL to guide you and support you on this.
Trust in your own God-consciousness,trust in the process of change and instead of focusing on what's gone focus only on the infinite opportunities that are lined up  your way.Don't go back to the old path..that you have tried and tested already,and do not  allow yourself to get wrapped up in the drama of that situation.
It has become imperative indeed in the 'now' to take that first step for your prayers to be answered.
Getting out of your comfort zone is never easy,but staying in a deadlock and stalemate also is not making you happy so don't stand in your own way;you have already received Cosmic guidance and the time to act on it is now!

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL says "Beloved One,everyone is guiltless in truth as no one can alter God's handiwork of perfection.Give us your feelings of heaviness so that we can lighten your load.Give us guilt,anger or blame that may shroud your loving outlook and you are able to enjoy the peace within your heart once more".
JOPHIEL glows in a shade of Pink and she wants you to deal with this situation in a loving and graceful manner.
Whatever that you may be feeling inside,ask her to help you deal with these intense emotions in a more peaceful way.
By blaming others,the hurt never really goes away,by criticizing and speaking negative about the situation you will only perpetuate more of the same.The only way a situation can change is if you change the way you look at it.Change your attitude and everything changes..
That shift that you make in your consciousness when you rise above the situation,keeping the truth within,and still looking at the 'Buddha nature' of that who may have caused you distress..that is bound to invite a miracle..a breakthrough solution.
'Unconditional Love'-That's the key.

Everyone emanates from the same Divine Source..we must remember that,and even if you do not see the change in that person,a breakthrough solution will find you..because you have already sown the seeds for it to come forth in your
All lessons of love and growth  must continue for us to evolve and learn and  for us to rise higher than our fears.

The Angels also send this message very strongly to everyone reading this-To stay around a person that you intensely dislike is wrong.
It disintegrates that person and yourself.Many marriages,friendships and family relationships are built upon trying to stay around a person that one cannot tolerate.This causes you guilt and heartache and thwarts your own spiritual growth.

Also many people may still be wondering what their purpose on Earth is.
The Reason for Life is to 'Serve God'.By that i am by no means referring to dogma..or in the name of God one must become celibate or sleep on nails..walk miles thinking you will please him and all your dreams will come true.
You serve God by serving his people,sharing your light.If you only serve yourself,you are gaining nothing spiritually.
This has nothing to do with loving yourself,on the contrary the more you love and share with others,the better you will feel about yourself.
However if you just love yourself and express your love for God;that is not have to spread the light..spread the love..give out..
In this way your God-center touches other people...and the purpose of humanity is to serve.
The meaning of life is 'Service'.
The perfection of your soul is service and so many a times you may feel,that happens without any applause...
any reward?!?

Be and give..without any expectations.
Your intention must be pure and  all will come back to you..all in good time-All in God's time.

Many a times,in my own life,i wondered,why is it happening to me?When the universe was throwing me some curve balls,i always thought to myself,what have i done to deserve this??
Nothing changed until i sat myself down,amidst the storm,in Focus and in find out..
Many,more than many, answers were revealed..and yet our journey is eternal and i am still learning..
In that seeking  and searching process, i found the Angels..i found Buddha and i found my deep connection to Sikhism-the religion I was born into.

Some people stay,some leave..nothing is forever....but when the mind is still..and when u have understood how to tame it;learned the art of living and of perceiving things,no one...nothing,can really crush you!
Because you have 'you' by your side and 'you' are enough,just the way you are.
You did come down to experience this time-space realty alone did u why be afraid if you have to start over.
Endings are beginnings remember!

Only when the metal is tempered can you form it  into something. Only when the Gold is fired does it become a ring

Ask the Angels to be your upon upon the entire  entourage to give you Peace,Joy  and Happiness...ask them for the signs..most of all give them permission as they can not violate a person's free will.

Take their love along the way..they are beautiful.

Life is what you make it.When you make others happy,that's when you make yourself happy.
And that light..
That light shines back on you.

I wish everyone a great week ahead.

Love Light and Angel Blessings

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