Tuesday, December 25, 2012

This week-Dec24-Dec 30 .Merry Christmas to all!! LOve you.ENJOY!

Dear all,
Firstly i would like to take this opportunity to wish u all a Merry Christmas.Hope u have  a great day and a wonderful year ahead of you.May all your dreams come true and the Angels are just a second away if u need them...because they love u so very much and will always always be there for you.

This week we have messages from ARCHANGEL HANIEL, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL and ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL with us.
ARCHANGEL HANIEL(Sky-blue)says that you must trust and follow your intuition.It is God and the Angels speaking to you.
You are being Divinely guided right now.The gut feeling,the knowingness,the visions or the inner voice are all trying to tell u something...and it is very important that you trust and follow your guidance.
Let go...surrender.And allow God and the Angels to help you.Everything that you release will be either replaced by  something better or will be returned to you healed.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL says that you do not have to be like everyone else.You are perfect just the way you are.Everyone wants to be liked so its normal to want to fit in with other people.But your special talents are needed in this world and by comparing u may affect your self esteem.Don't change..unless your inner voice tells you to improve yourself through learning new skills and taking care of your body...then you are being good to yourself.Love and respect yourself with each passing minute...and see how people change the way they look at you.
What you are asking about is the TRUTH.This card wants you to know that you are correct in what you are thinking about in this situation.Take a moment and see how your body feels about this situation.Our body is the perfect guidance system and gives us clear messages regarding situations/people if only we care to listen.Ask the Angels to intervene if in dilemma.You know they will never leave u alone.They love u very very much.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL says that rest if u must.Know that your body is asking for it.Sometimes mentally and physically we may burn ourselves out and no matter what others think,just take time to relax and rest and sleep.Be gentle with yourself.This hasn't been an easy transition for many of us and a lot of my members are going through huge changes..well..the more rested u are,the more the clarity.Hence order to feel stronger and then u will be ready to take the next step.

Do not let people tell you that it is your karma that you have to stay in a nightmarish marriage or job.Karma is a different thing.When situations begin to wreck you,you must leave.

The meaning of life is to do good,love...and help as many people as you can.Because if u do good to others and send light to them,it reflects.
Stand tall,be proud because u have descended from Mother and Father God.You are their offspring not just our beloved JESUS CHRIST.

Leaving u all with this beautiful Christmas song with such lovely lyrics.I Love u  and i wish each and every one of you a magical Christmas :-).


Angel Blessings all.
See u next week.
Have fun.


Monday, December 17, 2012

This week-Dec17-Dec 23 ....Enjoy!!!

Dear all,
ARCHANGEL RAGUEL(Sea-green) wants you to give yourself a break and let God work on  and for you.You have been too serious lately that u are burning yourself out.Stress never helps.So lighten up and see the humor within every situation.Laughter is the best medicine;its therapeutic.So take time for having some fun..learn to feel joy and give gratitude for everything you have even though some of my dear members are going through some real testing time.Stay strong and please keep the faith.

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL(Bright-pink) says SELF EMPLOYMENT suits your disposition the most.
You are a born entrepreneur and your business is surrounded by magical opportunities.You have the drive,skills,discipline and desire to be your own boss.Heaven wants you to know that you are fully supported spiritually.As long as you can stay enthusiastic,new opportunities will come to you.Your positive energy attracts clients,customers and contracts.If you are in the process of opening a new business,now is the time to do spiritual work-Meditating,praying,visualizing and affirming.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL(Deep Purple) says,only again that you have become embroiled in a situation where you can't see objectively.Detach from the situation.So give yourself permission to take time out,away from the people involved.You don't need the solution right now as the Angels are taking care of the details.What's important for you is to access a sense of inner peace-a feeling that will lead you to new ideas and insights.Maybe it is time to leave an unhealthy situation or relationship.Lean on God and the Angels for support.

Follow your bliss for in the steady reaching for bliss,you must surely align with the energy of the source.And in that constant alignment,your well-being is certain.But when you find yourself engulfed in circumstances,that cause you to offer a vibration far from bliss,then reaching for bliss is an impossible thing,for the Law of Attraction does not allow you to make that vibrational jump anymore than you could have tuned your radio receiver to 101FM and heard a song that was being played on 6:30 am.Stay focused and connected to your source.

I wish everyone a beautiful week filled with joy,laughter and happiness.
Go on a no-negativity diet.Change your perspective.Change the way you look at things...

'Look upon every experience you've ever had, and everyone who's ever played any role in your life, as having been sent to you for your benefit. In this universe, which was created by a divine, organizing intelligence, there are simply no accidents'.
-Dr Wayne W dyer.

Angel Blessings my dear all.
Love you.


Monday, December 10, 2012

This week-Dec10-Dec 16 ....Enjoy!!!

Dear all,

This week we have ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL with us.
This card serves as a talisman to raise your self confidence.AA MICHAEL has been trying to reassure you that you have the strength,the power and skills that are valuable to God's plan of peace.MICHAEL is protecting u while u shine your bright light.Listen to your intuition and act aplomb.Tune into your intuition as it is right on target.Trust the person you are inquiring about.Have faith that you are on the right path.Know that your financial needs are met now and in the future.
He also says that the Romance Angels are helping you.
There is a special group of ethereal beings called the Romance Angels who specifically work with matters of the heart.These Angels are giving you intuitive guidance to prepare for great love.The other meanings of this card are that the person you are inquiring about is your soul mate.You will experience a happy change in your present relationship.You are learning to love yourself which is great.Also can mean u will soon meet someone by following your guidance.Listen to your intuition concerning exercise,diet and other aspects of self improvement.

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL(LEAF GREEN)says,"It is time to clearly make a decision about what you want."
As you go through life,you gain more responsibilities-one of the biggest is to decide what you want.You are now in a time where you could go in a few directions,depending upon your decisions.In other words you must decide,"What's next for me?"
It may seem a lil difficult to make decisions but fortunately you can call upon Heaven to guide you,trusted friends as well as experts.Also try closing your eyes and imagining the different possibilities for yourself and then noticing which one makes you feel happiest.Which one feels like it would be most helpful to you and others?Always choose a path which will do most good to you and others.
Decisions are magical,in that they get things moving again,in case some of you are feeling stuck.If you don't like where your life is going right now,u can change it.You are the creator of your own reality,we all know that.It requires courage but once u know what u want and that will give u more happiness so make the right choice for yourself.This week only focus on what makes you happy and based on that make the life changes that u may need to make now.

Our Archangels also talk about the importance of SYNERGISM in our lives.SYNERGISM is the act of taking a small grain of your goal and then expanding on it to create the whole.Let's say you are trying to procure money that's rightfully yours.Take a dollar and concentrate on it to make it grow.Concentrate on the fact that this dollar can reproduce itself many times if you want.So take that dollar and give it to another person,but someone who is in need.This way you have enacted for the universe what you want.You have set a chain reaction by putting your needs and wants in motion.
Another example of SYNERGY is an architect who goes into the middle of the field holding two bricks.She looks at the field and says with these two bricks i am going to build a shopping center and what happens?From those bricks come in other bricks and workers.The 'SYNERGISM DREAM' is built.If a person can do this with 2 bricks u can also do that with you life.
If you believe in something long enough and can make it real in your own mind it will happen.So don't give up.
It helps if you are willing to believe in something greater than yourself.It does not have to be overly altruistic.It can be as minimal as having a happy family,a love affair or enough money.In doing that really visualize it and program for it.
And ask these beautiful ARCHANGELS to motivate you whenever u feel u need it...anytime...anyplace...24/7.They can be there for all times.

Anytime you start a sentence with "I am," you are creating what you are and what you want to be. When you choose to say "I am happy, I am kind, I am perfect," you help the light of God inside you grow and shine.
-Dr Wayne W. Dyer.

Love Light and a shower of Angel Blessings to all.
Have a beautiful week.
Take care