Saturday, December 31, 2011

This week Dec 26-Jan1-2012 .Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ARCHANGEL ARIEL and ARCHANGEL RAZIEL with us.
ARCHANGEL ARIEL(soft shade of Pink) says you know what you want and you have been waiting for it.This card means that your patience is soon about to pay off!You'll soon have what your heart desires.It will most likely be better than what you expect.Everything happens at the perfect time and that is why you needed to wait.You had lessons to learn and other people had to be ready as well.Now,everything is set and you'll find that your prayers have been answered.All of your patience and hard work will now be rewarded.

ARCHANGEL RAZIEL(color of the rainbow) says something very good is about to happen.You are in for a treat,as you'll soon have a very happy surprise.Don't try to guess what will happen...or it won't be a surprise!Just stay positive..excited and joyous.This card also means that your dreams are coming true,although they may happen in different ways than you expect.Still,you will be pleased.

To feel happier right now,think of a memory or something else that makes you smile.
The Angels say that happiness is actually quite simple.It comes from thinking happy thoughts.The more you focus on your dreams the better you feel in your mind and in your body.When things don't go our way,it is natural to think unhappy thoughts but the Angels want you to expect and believe as they will not let you down.
Can you think about a time in your life when you felt really happy and safe?Think about that memory now and feel it in your body.No matter what is going on in your life,believe that you are the creator of your reality and you are not a victim.Happiness is a magical energy that attracts pleasant experiences to you,so don't delay in choosing to hold only good thoughts...about yourself and about other people.
Lots of little steps make big dreams come true.
  • You  must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.
  • “The way of peace is a soul journey. . . . If you can live from the level of your soul, you are doing something very special. The important thing is how much consciousness you add to the whole of human existence, for that is how eternity expresses itself, like a lamp shining through the window of eternity-Deepak Chopra.
So be well...stay gratitude.Not just because it can be worse but because you do have a lot to be thankful for
and there is always always something to learn from people and one's experience's.

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.
Happiness for a reason is just another form of misery because the reason can be taken away from us at any time.

Wishing everyone a great week and a prosperous New year.
Love light and  a shower of Angel Blessings

This week Dec 18-Dec 25 .Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
Guess we are all getting geared up for Christmas...wrapping gifts...stuffing;oh how i miss those days...where Santa would come with goodies,nicely wrapped under the Christmas tree..beautiful time..why wouldn't it be,it's the king of Angels Birthday.Jesus-the miracle worker:).
Those young,nostalgic,innocent happy days...and that's what the first card says...IT'S PLAYTIME.
ARCHANGEL RAGUEL(sea green) says that you have been straining and working too hard  and he asks you to stop!And divert your attention through silliness and non competitive play.Playing is a magical form of meditation,as it opens your heart chakra and allows your spirit to tap into the Divine wisdom.If your playfulness involves outdoor physical activity,the extra oxygen will also spark new ideas for you.

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL(shades of yellow/off white) says "Spend time alone,meditating upon what you truly desire.
So  after all the fun n excitement,sit yourself down and ask yourself...are u happy?Is this what i want?To get by from one moment to another is an art,but u can't hide anymore.What do u really want,what does your heart desire?Maybe take a pad and paper and write down,what would u rather be doing?What's my heart's true desire.So that u bring in the new year totally focused and clear,breaking free from all those patterns manifesting all that u dreamed of and deserve,removing all blockages and obstacles from along the way.
Some of us have been through some real hardships in this last year and the Angels say that you are being helped,don't forget that.At times when we feel down n troubled,know that the Angels are with u.Start believing,even if you can't see any evidence yet,the Angels assure you that your prayers have been heard and answered.Stay centered  in faith and gratitude in order to open the doors to your desires.
Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.

Let this be our Christmas Affirmation-
"I am realistic - I expect miracles."

Sending everyone lots of filled energy.
May the magic of Christmas fill each one's heart with love and positive energy...
The Angels are with i always say..all u gotta do is call.
So leaving u with the lines of one of my fave Christmas tunes-
Wish i could record it in my own voice but i don't have those facilities at home..
"Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on, our troubles will be out of sight
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the yuletide gay
From now on, our troubles will be miles away."

Found this brilliant version of the song .Give it a listen:).
(copy-paste if it doesn't work)

Angel Blessings my dear all.Have a magical Christmas.
Love you so much.
Be well.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This week Dec12 to Dec 18-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
GABRIEL(bight sparks of yellow)says,"you have an important life purpose involving communication and arts.Please don't allow insecurities to hold u back.I will help you.I will help you polish and trust in your natural talents.Then i will open doors for you to express those talents in a way that will help others.However,what i need from you in return is honesty and cooperation.Talk to me or write to me about your fears,your hopes,your confusions,your insecurities and your dreams.Ask me to help you.I will not let you down."

ANGEL GRACE and ANTOINETTE(Sea green and silver) say,"To help heal this situation,see the other person's point of view with compassion."
Some of us may have had recent misunderstandings with close ones and the Angels say that these misunderstandings have occurred because if judgements about the other person's motives and character.To heal the situation,the judgements must be released.Instead of seeing someone as 'good' or 'bad',have compassion and know that everyone is doing the best they can.Instead of pitying someone,see that person's inner strength and Godliness.In that way you encourage Divine light to be expressed within the other person and yourself.

ANGEL PATIENCE says "Now is the time to learn,study and gather information.Enjoy being a student,because in the future,you will synthesize your knowledge into action.Although you may be aching to begin a new project,now is not the time,dear one.In all of life,there is a time for gathering and a time for planting.Soon enough you will be called into action to apply your knowledge in useful ways.When that happens,you will be very busy and will be working very hard.So,enjoy the present moments of ambiguity and rest.

So be loving towards yourself...flow with things,meanwhile never stop visualizing who and what you want to be.Creative visualization is a great tool to empower yourself no matter how weak or strong you may be feeling at this moment.Keep trying...keep sending love and light...practice unconditional love..and at the same time do not settle for less,do not believe when your instincts say otherwise...chose simplicity and always always trust your vibe.

What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.
Simply put, you believe that things or people make you unhappy, but this is not accurate. You make yourself unhappy.
What comes out of you when you are squeezed is what is inside of you.
You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.

I wish everyone a lovely week.
Be well and call upon the Angels to be with you through thick and thin.They are meant to serve humanity and love it so so much when we invoke them.
Sending everyone a shower of Angel Blessings
Take care

Monday, December 5, 2011

This week Dec 5 to Dec 10 -2011.Enjoy!!!

Dear all,
This week we have ARCHANGEL GABRIEL and ARCHANGEL URIEL with us.
ARCHANGEL GABRIEL(bright sparks of yellow) says,"You are a creative person,which means you like to express your thoughts and feelings in creative ways.It doesn't matter if your artwork isn't perfect.What matters is that you express yourself creatively.That means doing something like painting,drawing singing,dancing,writing,taking photos.When you do something creative it makes you feel free and happy.Doing things in the same way every time puts you in a rut.Ruts are major causes of stress and stress can lead to sad and tired feelings.
Ask ARCHANGEL GABRIEL to guide you on this so that u live happily and express yourself creatively.

ARCHANGEL URIEL(pale shade of yellow) says,"What you are wishing for will happen soon in a happy way."
This card wants you to know that your prayers are coming true very soon.There's no need to hurry or rush and definitely no need to worry as worry will only slow down the process.
Your desires are coming true in what's known as 'Divine Timing'.This means that they are happening at exactly the perfect time for everyone involved.All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in just the right way.You'll be pleased with the results.Keep the faith!

Our mind is a superb instrument if rightly used.Used wrongly it becomes very destructive.Thinking has become a disease.Disease happens when things get out of balance.When u are ill or disabled do not feel that you have failed in some way,do not feel guilty.Do not blame life for treating you unfairly but do not blame yourself either.That is your resistance.Use this sickness for enlightenment.Anything 'bad' that happens in your life-use it for enlightenment.Withdraw time from illness.Do not give it any past or future.Let it force you into intense present-moment awareness and see what happens.
Become an alchemist.Transmute base metal into gold,suffering into consciousness,disaster into enlightenment.
Affirm-'I am not my body i am my soul'.
So stay centered,be creative.
Everything is honored,but nothing matters.Forms are born and die,yet you are aware of the eternal underneath the forms.You know that "nothing real can be threatened."
When this is your state of being,how can you not succeed?
You have succeeded already.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.
Live in the 'now' and stay powerful:).

Love light and Angel Blessings

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This week Nov 27 to Dec 4-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
Picked up ARCHANGEL MICHAEL'S deck of oracle cards and here's what he has to say to us for this week.

MICHAEL(Purple) says,"You have worked hard to make your current circumstance palatable and now it's time to look at alternatives.Your coping and adaptation skills are admirable;however i remind you that it is important to be honest and authentic with yourself at all times.You don't need to compromise in any way for i assure you that your needs will be met in gentle and loving ways."
Research and explore your options and know that you won't be alone if you leave an unhealthy relationship.Maybe find new ways to heal the present situation?With regards to your health maybe change the professional you work with such as your doctor,therapist...also lawyer if dealing with legal issues.Allow yourself to daydream with possibilities.
Remember that everything is possible!

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL has heard your pleas for help and his answer comes to you though this card:Leave!
You've been enduring a toxic situation for far too long,investing time and energy that isn't yielding healthful results.You don't need to remain in negativity beloved one.Walk away without guilt or hesitation.The Angels will assist you to ensure that the parting is as harmonious as possible and ARCHANGEL MICHAEL will shield you and protect you.Follow your inner guidance every step of the way and the transition will be smooth.
Apply for a new job,detoxify from alcohol,cigarattes or other drugs.See a relationship counselor.Speak honestly to someone with whom you are having difficulties.Eat a more healthful diet.Get a second medical opinion.Move to a new home are some of the things the Angels want you to focus upon for your happiness.

You've asked about a situation where there's confusion or indecision and this card is a sign to decide and yet not rush into anything.More information will be revealed as time passes which will naturally guide your actions.The opportunity won't go away if you don't jump on it immediately and others will wait for you.
Also if u have to sign a contract,don't sign it just yet-negotiate a better deal.Slow down the speed with a new relationship.
Ask more questions before saying yes.Investigate your options and alternatives.Test the waters.Don't be pressured by other people as they are only thinking of themselves.

Know that you are not a victim.No matter what you may be going through,be it on a personal,physical or a financial level,it will be okay.You are powerful.Release any blame for yourself or others.In this way you focus upon solutions not problems.Allow other people to help you.Keep an open mind to alternative solutions.

It's never too late to get the Angels involved and their assistance will improve everything immediately,including giving you inner peace,new ideas and insights.MICHAEL will help you in ingenious and unexpected ways so be open to miracles that take on surprising forms.
As i always say,all u have to do is ask:).

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.

Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.
-Wayne Dyer

Sending everyone lots and lots of love and Angel Blessings for a great week ahead.
Stay calm and centered.It will all work out fine.
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is with u always.Know that.

Much Love and Light

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This week Nov 21 to Nov 27-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
"You are very intelligent and talented.You have the ability to learn and memorize a lot of material.You are creative;don't overlook that side of the seeds of such beauty have been sown by the creator in you."
For instance if you are a designer,writer,singer,performing artist,,this is the time to let yourself shine and not shy away.Allow yourself to be who you are..and fear not.SANDALPHON will protect u,guide you and provide u the right portal for your talent to be noticed in the best possible way.

ARCHANGEL AZRAEL(Beige)says "You have a special bond with a grandparent that can never be broken."
This card wants you to know that your grandparents..could be your grandmother or grandfather;they love you very much and their love is helping you right now.No matter what,you and your grandparent will always be connected by this love.That's because the special bond that you share travels everywhere-even from Heaven!If u want some answers from them,you can easily have a silent mental conversation with them,by writing a letter or by asking directly.Your grandparents will do whatever is possible to help and probably will help you in an even better way than imagined.

The Angels/Archangels also want us to decide about what it is we really want in life.
It may sound difficult,but if you just close your eyes and notice what truly makes you happy,things will only get better from here.Decisions are magical,in that they get things moving again.If u don't like the direction in which your life is going,make a list of things u have always wanted to do and ask the Angels to guide u on them.
The oracle cards that i recently picked up are so helpful in making us understand what our Life Purpose maybe if u can get a set of those cards,it would benefit each and every one.
Also the Angels reiterate that blame and anger takes away your power and gives it to the other person.You just need to forgive and that does not mean that you have to forgive the other person's actions if they really hurt you,but u do need to stop seeing that person as an enemy,because this anger is toxic to you and your body.
So give your anger, your pain to the Angels and be happy with who u are and how far you have come.

I wish everyone a happy week.
Exercise-Run,walk,swim and stay active  and healthy as this will give you more energy and happiness.
Be well and know that love heals everything.
The Angels are always here for us,all u have to do is call.

Love light and Angel Blessings

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This week Nov 14 to Nov 20-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
The first card that i picked is a message from AA ARIEL(soft shade of Pink) and it says 'TREASURE CHEST'.
"An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!"
Your prayers for financial support have been heard and assistance is here for you now.So remain in a state of Gratitude that says that the money is already here,even if there's no visible evidence of it yet.When you feel grateful before the demonstration of supply occurs,it reveals your faith.And your faith is the energy that draws riches to you without delay.Affirm-"Thank you for all of the support,supply,abundance and money that you bring to me.I am grateful for these riches,which i use in Divine ways to bring blessings on Earth."

AA CHAMUE(Leaf green) through this card alerts you to the fact that you need to  make room for the new by  letting go of the old.First let go emotionally and intellectually.In other words,'quit' or say 'goodbye' in your mind and your heart.Once you have done this,the physical letting-go will happen naturally,in a peaceful and harmonious way.Ask ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL  to help u make this transition and put all your energy into prayer and faith and leave the rest up to Infinite Spirit.You will get definite guidance whenever it is the right moment to take action.Until then,keep love at the core of your being and stay detached from your old situation.

AA RAPHAEL(Emerald Green)says,"As your feelings towards your mother heal,your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately.By drawing this card,Heaven asks you to release some remaining 'mother issues'.Give the entire situation to heaven;knowing that he situation may heal in unexpected ways.Be unconcerned with how it heals and be vigilant in releasing any lower energies connected to your mother that could interfere with your life's mission.Be open n willing to forgive and release old issues related to yourself,your mother,mother figures or anyone connected to your mother.By cleaning your inner house,you invite new love,opportunities,abundance and healing energy to enter your life.

Interesting week this should be my dear at home:).Keep invoking the Angels to be there by your side.Their presence always has a calming effect on us each time we call upon them;most importantly a permanent resolve to situations is provided and i gladly call it a miracle!

Wishing everyone a happy week.
Be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of each moment..
Turn thy power outward not inward,
for therein shines the Light and the Way.

Love light and Angel Blessings all.
Take care.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This week Nov 7 to Nov 13-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week i have another new deck of cards by Doreen Virtue-MAGICAL UNICORNS ORACLE CARDS.
Needless to say they are beautiful;have attached a pic below to show u what they look like(even though the cards i pulled out are were different)also i am sure most of you already have this wonderful deck:).
We have ARCHANGEL METATRON(Dark blue with pink) and ARCHANGEL ARIEL(soft shade of pink-baby pink)with us this week.

Everyone wants to be liked,so it's normal that you want to fit in with other people.You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don't belong.You may even feel that you're not as good as other people.You don't need to change in order to please others.If you try to be different from who you really are,you wont be happy and wont make true friends.But if your inner voice tells you to improve yourself through learning new skills and taking care of your body,then you are being good to yourself.This will lead you to true friends who really love you as you are!
Call upon METATRON to guide u on this.

The second card says-IMAGINE.What would you see,feel,think and hear if your wish came true?
When you imagine your dream coming true,you help make it happen.This card asks you to think of a wish that you really want and imagine that it has come true.Next,close your eyes and notice how your body feels while you think about your wish.How do u feel-excited,happy,nervous or something else??Do u feel tingles anywhere in your body.Feel in depth,your are on your way to creating a breakthrough so in this imagination,see everything that u want to see.What people,colors and things do u see?What do you see yourself doing after your wish has come true.
When you imagine your dream coming true and pay attention to your thoughts and words and help make it happen.This is the power of human mind.You may even be surprised when your wish comes true in a  better way than you think.Practice this..imagination.creative visualization for at least 5-10 minutes..if not more...everyday.It's like creating a mini movie;a basket of all your presents put in front of you and you watch yourself opening them with so much much excitement..what happy does one get all that one has dreamed off!!Just Imagine!
This technique is also called 'Flow dreaming' and with your thoughts and energy you can change the direction of your flow.Only important thing to know is to be clear of what you want.This sure works!I can guarantee!
ARCHANGEL ARIEL will be with u all along during this imagination/manifestation process.See how good u feel after u come out of it..refreshed and feeling brand new.It's beautiful...oh u have noooo idea:).
If some of u may experience blocks in letting your mind go,well that means there is someone  u  need to forgive.
Maybe without even realizing you are blaming someone and are angry;blame takes away your own power.Also could be that you feel angry towards yourself...for maybe not doing something as per your own expectation.Well..let kind to yourself,everyone makes mistakes...and so what,never too late to start over.Forgive yourself.It's okay.Be your yourself more instead....and you will heal.
Ask AA ARIEL;usually when u are sitting by yourself giving yourself permission to mentally have,all that you desire,the person standing in the way will also appear.In order to set yourself free you need to mentally say it to that person,'i forgive you for what you have done and i have moved on'.
Maybe the first time things may not feel so smooth but if you take the Angels along when u sit to do this,you will enjoy the art of imagining...and receiving.Besides it all starts from the mind...manifestation is bound to follow.And that's a fact.

So am hoping we all imagine wonderful things for our lives and send love and light to Mother Earth who grounds us with all her love,giving us the opportunity to write our own script,as and when we like.

Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.

 No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without

The mind is everything.
'What you think you become'.

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart:).

Sending everyone  lots of love and light and wishes for a super exciting week.
Lots and lots of love to all and Angel Blessings

Monday, October 31, 2011

This week Oct 31 to Nov 6-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This is the first time i am working with the 'Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards' and am so so excited:).
Uploaded some pics in one of my personal albums so that you can see how beautiful they are.Also posted below the cards i pulled out for us for this week.They truly are magnificent and the colors are breathtaking!What a great contribution 'Doreen Virtue' has made to all our lives..incredible!

So i picked up 3 cards for this week.
The first card  that i picked up is titled as 'DIVINE MAGIC'- ARCHANGEL MICHAEL(Deep Purple)and he says "Extra magical energy surrounds your situation right now.Expect miracles".
The Divine Magic card indicates that a spiritual gateway has opened for you.At such times,your ability to manifest is heightened.Use this time to focus upon your desires.If you are unsure what you truly want,ask for Divine Guidance through Prayer,Meditation or Ritual.

The second card is from ARCHANGEL RAGUEL(sea green)  and this card says, 'Have Faith'.
"Your prayers are manifesting.Remain positive and follow the guidance."
This is a precious time for you and your dreams.You don't have to strain or push to make them come true.You have already accomplished the major part of manifestation by asking and praying.Trust that heaven is helping you-just like a best friend would if you asked for their assistance.Your job now is to have faith,listen to Divine Guidance and take action whenever you are guided.

The third card  says 'FRIENDSHIP' which is a message from ARCHANGEL HANIEL(sky blue)and she says,"Make a date for play day with one or more friends.When you play and laugh,you open yourself to infusions of Healing love.Friends help you remember how lovable you are without wanting anything in return.Play stimulates creativity which helps you return to your responsibilities with a renewed outlook and increased energy."
The other aspect of this card asks you not to take on too much work n your hands right now;in fact slow down,rest and be very gentle with yourself.Let go of unnecessary activities and to focus on self-renewal.Let this day be of sweet kindness where you treat yourself gently as a baby cradled in your arms.

So i wish everyone lots and lots of fun,joy and happiness this week.Think and focus on the power of each moment which is a gift rather than thinking of what will happen next.Worry never helps nor does it change anything.Leave your worries to God and the Angels and focus on all that you have accomplished over the years.
More than anything,love yourself completely.You are precious,perfect and whole.Don't allow anyone to let you believe otherwise.

Love you all and wishing you a great week.
Angel Blessings

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This week Oct 17 to Oct 23-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have  ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and ANGEL ROSETTA with us.
ARCHANGELS are managers overseeing our Angels.
These ANGELS and ARCHANGELS are very powerful in expressing themselves;all we need to do is be willing to receive and follow the guidance that we hear..and of course believe.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL(Emerald Green)says,"Dear one,it is very important to listen to your intuitive feelings,whether it is regarding your personal life or health.When you are worried regarding relationships and health,it is normal to look for answers by talking to others or researching books and articles,yet this message reminds you to look inward for answers as well.After all you are the one who truly knows your mind and body,including how it feels and what it needs."
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL wants you to listen to your physical and emotional feelings.Honor them and speak to yourself or your health care professional candidly.RAPHAEL will give you the courage to be assertive,ensuring that all your needs are met.
Know that you have the right to your feelings and you needn't justify them to anyone.Stay with people who respect you
and do not judge you harshly.
So if you are getting a feeling or thought about making a health change,or a personal relationship,please trust this message.
Healers and would-be healers would benefit by consulting their intuition in their health-care protocol.

ANGEL ROSETTA(Dark Pink) says,"Working with children makes you happy and helps your inner child shine.You have a gift for working with young people and your Divine purpose involves helping,teaching or parenting children.
Children also respond very well to your open-hearted nature as you are charmed by their straight-forward honesty,laughter and innocence.In many ways you engage and heal your own inner child and you seek to give these children that which desired when you were young."
Call upon this lovely ANGEL for the best way to proceed with your life purpose.

Your inner child needs love..nurturing and sometimes when you give too much to others,your energy becomes unbalanced.It is more than okay to expect love and kindness in return.Like it was strongly recommended in last week's message,if you feel people 'do not' stand by you when you need them,you must let them go,as they are only draining your energy.
New people are beginning to appear already as you can see,choose true to yourself..and others.Let the past go,the more you cling on to it,the deeper the Let go,Let God and the Angels and move on.If your heart feels heavy with grief,share your feelings with these Angels.The last few months,you may have been through turmoil and your soul is tired..your mind craves for peace.Give all your worries to the Angels.These Angels are pure beings of Divine Light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life.The best way is to stop thinking negatively about the concerned situation and invoke the Angels and leave it to them to resolve the conflict.
Extremely important not to indulge in gossip..and to follow the Law of Attraction that works for us at all times,whether we are aware of it or not.Catch your thoughts,don't fight fire with fire,respond to  it with Love and Light.In this way you are able to restore peace and improve the relationship with yourself(which is most important) and everyone involved.

If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.
Intense love does not measure, it just gives.

Leaving you all with this wonderful video i saw on a Light worker's wall.
(copy and paste the link if necessary)

Isn't it better to wear out than to rust out?!!?
Count your blessings.It's all good.There really is nothing to worry about.
You are loved and will always be taken care of..
Provided you believe!
And start over..if that's what it means.It is 'never' too late.
Life is a choice.Choose well.

Angel Blessings to all
Have a happy week.
Love Angel Family:)...always!

Light and only more...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This week Oct 10 to Oct 16-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all!

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL(pale shade of yellow) says,"A new chapter in your love life begins whether it is with a new partner or rekindled love in a current relationship."
GABRIEL requests us to open our heart to a new infusion of Divine Love,through a partner in your life.The Angels are preparing you to be aware of new people entering your life,as a new mate may be unlike your previous partners.Be open to changes in your current relationships and don't cling tightly to ideas of how you think relationships should be.This is a time of wonderous changes in your love life and you are asked to trust God and your Guardian Angel to work things out for your highest good.Don't be rigid,go with the flow,accept the new-Happiness is inevitable!

ARCHANGEL RAGUEL says,"Beloved one,you are a peace lover at heart,even if others enjoy upon me to resolve disharmony and end this conflict that is troubling you for so long."
Harmony is ensured but the Angels would like you to shift your view point to the Angelic perspective.
It is only a matter of conditioning your mind..and truly becoming an Earth Angel.

Conflict will drop away..revealing the clean and new truth about everyone and everything and leaving you with much needed 'Peace'.

Expect a miracle my dear all:).Perhaps u feel that u need one now....and the Angels give me a clear sign that you will.
Keep love at the core of your not judge,as that will only create obstacles for you..don't allow people to rope u in dramatic situations.Respect and honor your soul and walk away fearlessly from people who have constantly misunderstood and hurt you; it time to believe in the power that is "YOU".And to believe in the universal law that 'If one door shuts..another one opens'.

Be honest with yourself and your giving and at the same time allow no one to misuse you.

Inspire people if they need motivation,however if the same people don't stand by you when u need them,there...there is a lesson to be learned  and a pattern to break from.Be aware.Eyes open!
Acknowledging free will leads to many many doors opening..many choices will brim forth.Call upon these lovely Angels to help you make the right decision.Always important to test the waters before completely diving in,be it a relationship..a new job..a new city.And always ask the Angels to guide you and be there by your side,guiding your words,

I hope everyone has a fulfilling week.
The card say we will:).
Love you all and always always,at the cost of repeating myself,i say 'TRUST YOUR VIBE.'

Love Light and Angel Blessings

Sunday, October 2, 2011

This week Oct 3 to Oct 9-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
ARIELLE glows in colors of Sky Blue and Grey with a touch of Pink and she says,"New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you view the world and yourself.Allow your spiritual gifts to open-through study,prayer and meditation."
Regardless of what people may say,at this time,its almost necessary that you believe you are psychic and have connected with the spirit world and the mystical experiences are occurring due to your increased spiritual openness and also because you have asked the Angels about your Life Purpose.So don't be afraid of your gifts..accept them and enjoy them.And the Angels are always there to guide and assist you along the way.

ANGEL AURORA is Dark Bluish Purple and she says,"You are flying high right now,which may threaten others.But don't descend,because others will soon become inspired by your example.I am here to help you enjoy the present and all we ask of you is to trust that each moment is taking care of itself.While new opportunities are coming your way and your inner and outer self radiates this positive growth,don't be worried about why others are jealous of your forthcoming success.Just keep on moving,leaving all your worries to the Angels and success is yours."

As we see lots and  lots of changes happening within our lives..and in the outside world,instead of feeling paralyzed by fear,no matter what is going on,the Angels suggest us to take life with a sense of humor.This is always the best way to dispel Karma.Laughter brings about happiness,which dispels darkness.
If you can't find a reason to smile,it only means one thing,it is time to give and make others smile and that light will shine back at you.It should never be said that how much am i supposed to give....only because,the purpose of our life is humanitarian..the purpose of humanity is service.Also,never say things like,but i gave and got nothing in return..because when you give,you give without whether it comes back to you or not,leave those details for the Angels and the Universe to handle.Of course it always comes back..however our creator is watching each n every thought of us,,n the minute he sees the intention as correct,there u see a Breakthrough,,,a shower of Abundance...and Blessings.
Our loving Lord says,"Get out of yourself,not into yourself."
Let go of 'Ego''s your biggest enemy.
"When you seek revenge,which is ego-driven you must dig two graves."
It is always better to look at the others truth.Realize where they are coming from.Spirituality means enlightenment.When you live more fully within your spirituality,you will see motives,they will be made clear to you by the Holy Spirit.You will have all the answers and you will know exactly where people are coming from.

Our Angels love you so so much.Call upon them,,,for be able to enjoy your life be able to find love...for peace..for relationship options..for anything and everything and they will show u the answers..they always do!

Love you all and wishing u a beautiful week.
Let the Angels show us all lots and lots of miracles this week..i know many of you who are waiting so patiently and i will pray you all receive them real soon.
Love Light and a shower of Angel Blessings to all my dear members..

Monday, September 26, 2011

This week Sept 26 to Oct-2-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL and ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL communicating with us.
ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL(Violet) helps heal our emotions and take inventory of our lives so that we love and honor ourselves and consciously make an effort to forgive anyone who may have hurt us or let us down in our life.

He also says"Yes,the signs you've been receiving are heaven-sent.We drop feathers,coins and other signs upon your path to remind you that you are loved and never alone.And if due to whatever reasons you are unable to see these signs  beloved one,don't worry,we are with you;notice and pay close attention to the repetitive thoughts and visions that you receive as this is another way we Angels communicate with you."

ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL(Dark Blue)helps us improve our memory and his name means 'righteousness of God'.
He says,"You have received this card as a gentle confrontation because i  know you have been hiding from your true feelings.You've probably been afraid that if you admitted how you honestly felt,you'd be overwhelmed with feelings and faced with making necessary changes that you feel unprepared for.Yet,we the  Angels assure you that it's healthiest to face this situation with honesty.They will help you with emotions,relationships and any support you need to make positive changes.However,we remind you to focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears so that you can attract the former and not the latter."

Our Angels would like us to know that when we don't make the changes we need to in life,life will often take a hand and force you to make the change.For instance,you don't leave the job you hate,then they will let go of you or if you stay in a relationship that is only causing you pain and despair,you will end up feeling disappointed and rejected.Important to take a call for yourself..and even more important to trust 'your' matter what people say.
Have faith..and believe in that fact that if one door shuts,another one immediately opens to us.And there is always a way,we always have a choice.The new opportunities that are sprouting forth that are being presented to us are only an answer to your prayers.Look at them,as options..not as confusions or problems..only because you deserve nothing but the best and it is time to receive.Have blind faith that the universe is supporting you always.
Stay positive.When our thoughts are angry,judgmental,or critical the chemicals they produce depress our immune system.And when are thoughts are loving,empowering and positive,that enhances our immune system,making us feel fit,healthy and strong-such is the mind-body connection.

The point of power is always in the present moment..and this is a new day.
Please affirm-
"All is well.Everything is working out for the highest good for everyone concerned.Out of this experience only good will come.We are all connected and we are safe."

Have a blessed week all.And remember,the times when you feel most provoked to give up..'that' is the time to really 'have faith'.God and the Angels will never let you down.Try it!

Love Light and Angel Blessings

Monday, September 19, 2011

This week Sept 19 to Sept 25-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ANGEL SEREPHINA and ANGEL ROCHELLE with us.
SEREPHINA is a touch of Gold and Pink and she says,"I am the Angel of Families.A happy change or addition is coming to your family.You prayers about family have been heard and a beautiful change is coming into your family real soon.You are going through a period of adjustment right now to prepare for this change.It might feel chaotic or disorganized but rest assured that this  is simply a part of the nesting process."

ANGEL ROCHELLE is the Angel in White..and she reflects the purity in your  heart...the love..the truth and the white light of the Holy Spirit.
She says,"As you honor and follow the guidance of your heart,prosperity is coming to you now.Your finances may have been blocked in the past due to difficult people you may have encountered in your personal relationships or professional.Call out to me as often as you me permission to rinse you clean with any negativity that you may have absorbed from people who have been jealous or have judged you harshly.The time for  manifestation is here and now,just ask..and give all fears and worries to me in order to break you lose from this pattern and letting you enjoy the luxuries of life."

Happiness is our birthright;so don't shy away from it anymore.
Try to stop saying things like,this can't be happening to me'..instead say,this is happening to me because i am worthy and deserving...and it is time!For miracles!This is only the next step!
Let go of all those remarks,judgments that people have made about you.
The sooner you do it..the quicker your progress.

The Angels also would like me to speak about 'Synergism' this week.Many of you may already have read on it;in simple words Synergism means that when you send out your belief into the universe,so to speak,then the universe will move to fulfill your wishes.
Energy creates.
It's like if you think of yourself in a certain style of a dress,hairdo,whatever that makes you happy..u may have realized that  you did make it happen.Which mean Synergistically,you have done something to yourself.Now how did that happen..
It means from nothing,you create everything.
In our world where 2 and 2 becomes 4,when you apply Synergism,it can become 5 or 6..because of the visualization techniques and the belief factor.
So give this a try and see how it works for you.

Live owe yourself that.The power of visualization is marvelous.
Treat your self right..and also live to care for others..feed the poor..send love and light to as many people u can.The more you give,the better you feel and the more you receive.

Sending everyone lots and lots of positive energy...
Love Light and Angel Blessings

Monday, September 12, 2011

This week Sept 12 to Sept 18-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ANGEL ISABELLA and ARCHANGEL MICHAEL with us.
ANGEL ISABELLA is a soft shade of Auburn Brown and she says,"Yes,the timing is right for this new venture.A happy outcome follows your positive expectations."
Several pieces of the puzzle will now fall into place and you have also learned some valuable lessons in the process.
"In answer to your question,yes,this situation is everything you hoped it would be.It is a good idea to keep your eyes open and pray for Angelic assistance as you move forward.However,we Angels foresee smooth sailing with this decision."

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL..the prince of heavenly armies..glows beautifully  in Deep Purple..and he says,"I have come to you because you asked God for safety and protection and because you asked about your Life Purpose.
You are a 'Light worker' and even though you may feel different and isolated at times,know that we are always with you,holding your hand,taking you to places where you will feel good and holding you back with the signs we show you along the way where we feel caution must be warranted.
I am with you,giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your Divine Life Purpose."

Our beautiful Angels once again urge us to follow the Law of Attraction in order to manifest quickly into our lives all that we desire.All one needs to do is,not think negative,no matter how difficult the situation may be.If feelings of anger and remorse surface,you cannot deactivate that thought,however what you can do is activate a better feeling thought,so as to maintain the balance and keep yourself in perfect alignment for a breakthrough solution..for peace and for happiness.

Our relationship with ourselves,is another important thing the Angels want us to work on.What people may think or say,the fact is that this is your life,and what you make of it...or don't is a choice..if people do not approve of your choices,let them not...let them be.
So if you feel something or someone will make u happy,go for it!Because at the end of the day,it's you and you..

Take responsibility for your life..and follow your heart,if things,lets just say don't work out the way you thought,you have no one to blame.You are here to experience life..and keep your head held high and keep doing what 'you' like to do.
Joy is not about controlling other people or circumstances,joy is about controlling your own vibrational relationship between the physical you and the non physical you.It is alignment with Source that is joy or love or success or satisfaction.
This 'Source, your 'Spirit',your 'Soul'-Its yours.
It's pure,its love and it's light.The physical body can be a little hard to deal with at times....sometimes we are can be challenging at times...well like the last 2 body i was completely sick..went from an eye infection to a throat infection and then a stomach bug.I knew i was forgetting 'who i am'..i was forgetting that i am powerful and that i still 'AM'.And the minute these thoughts came back to me..that actually 'i am not my body,i am my soul'..'i am pure energy'...i just started  to feel better...against all odds.
I personally hate going to doctors and taking used some home remedies and i am perfectly fine now.It was  a good way for the Healing Angels to show me how powerful they were.I almost took an appointment and as i put the phone down,ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL whispered in my ears,"Why don't you call upon me Inakshi,I am here for you".
Well that was it!Healing began.I felt his Green healing light..cleansing my eyes, my my throat.It was amazing!The doctor phoned me back and he is like,"you don't sound so sick anymore..and i was like," yes doc..i got healed".
I also had to change the way i think too.When the Angels intervene,they ask u to go deep into your soul and forgive..all who may have hurt story was the same..Eyes-what is it that i was afraid to see,Stomach-what/who is that i cannot stomach..Throat-Who is that i am angry with?

I found all the answers,from within,and AA MICHAEL,RAPHAEL AND JEREMIEL healed me...completely and i am so grateful to the Angels...and my higher self for this wonderful healing.

So well..if they can heal me,they can heal you too my dear all:).
No matter how critical your condition is..they work and how!
Just ask..keep asking..they are listening..and they will not fail you.
Please remember that.

I send everyone all my love and best wishes for a successful week ahead.
Know in your heart...that 'you' are the Truth and the Way and the Light.
Posted this video to the group's wall,in case u haven't seen it,do take the time..
You will feel their love...more than ever:).

Angel Blessings

Monday, September 5, 2011

This week Sept 5 to Sept 11-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
ARIEL glows in bright sparks of the color Pink  and she says "A clean slate is presented to you as you now encounter fresh opportunities and novel experiences."
Embrace the new in your life including new opportunities,people and projects.The Angels know that change can be frightening and yet they say that it is is necessary.No more procrastinating;be open to new  opportunities in life.
Call upon A A ARIEL to boost your confidence and energy so that you can enjoy your long awaited 'new beginnings'.

ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON who's energy is Turquoise in color says,"Keep the faith,as it will ensure a steady flow of support.. materially,psychologically,emotionally,spiritually and intellectually."
Allow yourself to express your power.Know that you are safe and will always be looked after,even if it may seem this point of time.
The Angels ask you to give them any fears you may have connected in being a powerful person.
Keeping love at the core of your being,speak your truth;allow yourself to shine with this radiant love that you have within and do not be afraid anymore to be 'who you are'.
You are protected.

If it is time to move on and you have felt it in your gut..then u must.Please try not to use karma as an in,i have to live with so and so because it's my karma,i have to stay in a relationship even though am alone in this...or sticking to a job that makes you feel unhappy and no longer serves your highest good.
You do not have to put up with anything that you don't want to.Remember and chose your freedom and know that
free will is your birthright..instead of being subjected to pain and suffering.End it if it's killing you..there is a lot of world out there that you must now open yourself to..which actually is happening as a form of your answered prayer.
Spirituality  is pretty simple..u connect to your inner being and share the light;however it is time to understand that as we grow more and more spiritual does our intuition and our God center and this God center..when u invoke will guide you to a better life..better today and tomorrow.All you have to do is 'Trust your vibe'...and everything will fall in place.A happy outcome is assured out of all the trials and tribulations that we all may be going through..last few months.
Don't be afraid to love again..because each time you empty yourself out in life,you get deeper.Take a chance on love and life again ... give it your all..even if you may lose someone,it is for a reason..and you must not stop experiencing life.
In giving up everything,there is a blessing from God.In giving it all up,someone fills you up.And that someone of course is 'God'.

Stay empowered..don't be afraid,the Angels are always always with you..and all will turn out better than you thought.

I leave you with this important affirmation for this entire week-
"I am love..i am light..
Everything is just the way it should be..
All is well..
I am on my side".

Love you all and sending a shower of Angel Blessings to all my lovely members.
Believe in yourself..again.You did that once,you can do it again:).

Take care.


Monday, August 29, 2011

This week Aug 29 to Sept 4-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ANGEL TERESA and ARCHANGEL URIEL with us.
The energy/color of ANGEL TERESA is 'Red'.Think of a beautiful red rose each time you call upon her.... and here is what she has to say...
"Dear one,you have been working very hard!You are very tired now,yet you keep pushing yourself to work more.
Go easy on yourself;take time to smell the flowers.Take time to love yourself.My color red signifies love-Self love..Self care and i am here to tell u to stop taking care of everyone else's needs,but it's time to take care of your own.
Cease working for a moment and take a respite.When u give too much to others at times like these,you become unbalanced.Your inner child years for nurturing and no one can give you that loving care but yourself and the Angels.So give yourself permission to take a much-needed-time-out.Please don't delay this guidance.We assure you that your responsibilities will be met and you will only gather new energy and ideas during your time-out.Please relax."

ARCHANGEL URIEL glows in sparks of 'Yellow' and he says,"Your emotions are healing,which enables you to greater love.I will help you release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind in order to clear away your emotional and psychological blocks.Call upon me to release old patterns so that you can attract new love..people into your life.
I also suggest to everyone to believe and start implementing the powerful Law of attraction(that which is like unto itself,is drawn) in your lives.
Remember me URIEL,everyday and also remember that whether you are thinking about wanted things or unwanted things,you are still sending out a 'request' to attract more things like the subject of your thought.And all things happen to you-all people,things,experiences,situations that come to you-come in response to your Vibrational invitation.
First try to make peace with where you are,perhaps by acknowledging that this unpleasant person has helped you become very clear about how you want to be treated and about how you want to treat others;look for the benefit of the relationship rather than pushing against unwanted aspects of it.Start by giving 'Gratitude' for this person for teaching you this enormous lesson in your life,keeping in mind that now it is time to leave and to move on to all that your heart truly desires."
The way to avoid repeating unwanted situations is to start talking 'only' about wanted situations.
Talk and think about what you do want and what truly makes you happy;the Law of Attraction will bring to you all that you desire-
This week is a week for reconciliations,celebrations and loving yourself:).

The world seems to be on fire;so much going wrong.Each one of us must contribute now!Simply by sending light to Mother Earth.Not just Light workers..this is a call for every human being,to stop war...stop all this fighting,ill-feelings amongst each other over religion..over money...over everything.Stop being so envious of the other person's happiness..stop trying to steal the other person's is time now to understand..that 'we' are all connected.We are ONE.Time to come together..and be there for each other,for the sake of humanity.As i always say,in form we may be different,but in essence we are all the same.

This week do take the time and pray for Mother Earth.
There are several ways in which you can send your Mother Earth  loving light. Upon your meditation you can send Unconditional Love and Light to the Earth. When you invoke your manifestations, you can visualize a beautiful new Earth in the way you feel with your heart it could be. Envision a new Earth that has clean air, pure water, animals that are not on the brink of extinction, and other areas that you would like to see an improvement. Envision this as part of your manifestations. The goodness and love in your intent is felt by your Earth Mother.

The Angels are with you...if you feel you are encountering health issues,call upon AA RAPHAEL..he is a miracle worker..
If you are going though painful upon AA JEREMIEL to heal 'everyone' of the hurt,in the situation  involved,not just you.

Love is all around you..and the Angels have been sent by God..for be there,whenever you call upon them.
Angels have unlimited time,energy and resources.It's their sacred honor to help you in whatever way brings you peace;you can ask for their help as often as you like,without any fear of wearing them out.They love it,when you call upon them:).

Sending everyone all my love and wishes for a great week ahead.
Angel Blessings.