Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Get your "ARCHANGEL REPORT" FOR 2017 !

I will be picking a card for each month and will channel messages as Guidance from the Angels in order for you to have a joyous, prosperous, peaceful and victorious month.
The Archangel Report also entails information on Planetary Retrogrades of 2017 so that you are able to understand why things happen the way they do.
Should there be an unresolved Past Life issue, which may be affecting your current reality, you will be guided and connected to the concerned Archangel in order to break free from the pattern that may be holding you back in this life time.
Once i have received a confirmation from your end , it would take me 6-7 days to prepare it and email it to you.
Do inbox me if this sparks your interest.

You can also mail me on for additional information. 
Wishing everyone a fantastic day.

Love, Light and Angel Blessings !




Monday, December 5, 2016

"2016 has undoubtedly been a year of endings and powerful new beginnings. It hasn't been easy, none of it. And I understand your pain, your challenges, your fears, your frustration because even when you have felt that no one was with you, I was right there.
December will usher in brand new opportunities. Be careful on which ones to take and which ones to let go of. The energy is intense and there are times when you may want to give up everything, you may feel that no one really cares or well, what's the point anyway !
At those times, think of me, because we know what you go through, as i have walked this Earth, just like you are and I know the contrast of duality that the time-space reality has to offer. I will help you rise above your problems, I will raise your vibration, I will fill your heart with so much Divine Love, that you will feel lighter and the discomfort of your troubling situations will dissipate.
Stay alert, awake, and focus on growing deeper spiritually, because that is who you are. You change and everything around you changes. 
When your consciousness changes your situation changes too. That is the truth.
In search of true love, many of you are, dear ones; when you are able to truly love yourself, the right person will appear.
Loving yourself, nurturing yourself, looking after yourself and doing things that you love to do, that is what will bring the fire and the passion back into your energy field, and when your energy field resonate completeness, divine love, a dream to fulfill, the drive to achieve and accomplish, only for your personal happiness, only for you, it is then, you will attract the one.
I hear some of my dear friends say that we get tired of calling upon you because nothing happens, but beloved children of God, know that we are working with you constantly.
The Life Script that you have written is entirely yours so in order to make changes in an instant is not possible, but we assure you that all your prayers regarding your love life, your finances, your health, your businesses will be answered.
Bring more music into your lives; rejoice in the knowingness of who you are. You are an eternal soul, beautiful and unique. You are a multidimensional being and you can do anything that you want to.
You have Magic inside of you. Never forget that.
Avoid people with toxic energies, listen and follow Divine Guidance, because when you don't and get yourself hurt, we feel sad. We want to see you happy, we want to see you make the right choices.
Do not let your own temple be defiled.
Protect your energy. No matter what.
Listen to your intuition at all times.
You will shine, you will be where yoy want to be but you must keep growing, keep expanding your consciousness.
You are not your body, you are your soul.
And your soul is powerful, imbued with the love of your creator.
You are brave and you have come far indeed.
We applaud you on that so why are you settling for less ?
Why now ?
You deserve the best.
Trust us when we say this.
You do.
And we are always with you helping you live the best version of yourself so that you attract and create the best for yourselves.
Accept us.
Allow us to give you more.
And open your arms to receive."

And we, the team of Angels love you very deeply.

Sunday, December 4, 2016



This is a powerful message as it signifies the power of prayer.Your requests regarding healing have been heard and answered.This situation is surrounded by God's rejuvenating love and is resolving itself in a miraculous way.Your prayers are particularly powerful so whenever u feel worried,just pray.You are asked to believe more than ever,and you are urged to have faith in yourself,miracles and God's healing love.Also u must only look at the essential goodness within people.Look at the brighter side of life and people.

The Archangels say that u have a strong bond with animals and they instinctively trust you.They can sense your compassion and understanding and come to you for help and companionship.You would excel in a career such as pet sitting,walking or grooming;being a veterinarian;or animal communication.Your pets who have passed on also send you their love.They want you to know that they are happy and are doing well in heaven.You can call upon ARCHANGEL ARIEL regarding this.

Another important message that the Archangels want to convey is that perhaps a lot of u have been having trouble sleeping.The quality of your sleep is connected to your health concern.Your mind seems busy with worry and your body is tense due to caffeine.Regardless of the cause,
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL is here for u and u can call upon him as often as u would like to.He is a powerful healer and there is absolutely nothing he can't help u with.Sometimes,he may also come around with some guidance,follow that.Your intuition will tell u whether the guidance comes from him or your fears.
Cut the cords with fear;call upon ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, which is not letting u move forward.
We are in Mercury Retrograde and therefore any contract u sign,u must double check.A new person may appear,well that's great but please test the waters before u give in.Send extra loving energy to your belongings.When we say love yourselves,we also refer to all your material things.That's what Shamanism means,love everything,as in consequence,all is made of God,from God.And LOVE is the the most beautiful healing energy.
If u give away money,money will return.If u give away love,love will return.The universe,under God's grace,is seen as a place where no debt goes unpaid.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL also would like to say that if a a situation is not working out for you then u must leave;could be a person,a lover,a friend.I am sure u have tried your best but may be it is time to move on.You must not look at your reality from a contracted awareness...expand your awareness...look beyond your limitations.Set an intention.Intention orchestrates infinite possibilities.Trust that u are in God's hands and he knows what u are going through.He will help.Maybe all of this seems like a test but believe and trust that u will be rewarded.

"I believe God's keeping the records, and I believe you will be rewarded even in this life. Somehow, some way, God will make it up to you. It may be that he is protecting you from something worse, you never know!
The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always always rewarded."
-Joel Osteen.

Saturday, December 3, 2016



Our beloved Archangels guide us to take time to read,listen and grow.This card validates that this is an important time for you to learn new skills.Perhaps u feel guided to enroll in a class and this card confirms the feeling.
A quiet mind hears the voice of the Archangels more easily.Meditation is very important right now.First thing in the morning,give gratitude for this life that u have been given,secondly surround yourself with the Angelic light,shades of blue and green,or pink and imagine yourself protected with these energies.Breathe in these energies and breathe out all the stress,giving the Angels/Archangels permission to intervene so that you are cleansed and u feel your freedom,allowing yourself to believe that u can do whatever you set your mind to.No matter how hard it may seem,know that the you and the Archangels are a team and no one can stop u from being who u want to be.
I see a huge conflict that has been troubling you,it will be resolved sooner than u think.
Know that you are here not just to struggle,u are here to learn and be happy,and u can truly be happy not by the way you look...but by understanding who u are inside,knowing and getting in touch with your authentic self.
Of course u must take care of your body at the same time do not get obsessive,focus on the richness and intelligence that lies in your inner temple.All answers come from there.Trust your inner guide.
Trust the process of life.Believe in yourself,like u never have before and know that u are on the right path.Spend time in nature,make time for yourself..perhaps try somethin new!
If you are in control of yourself,you have the ability to ride the difficulties more easily.
The greatest truth is to be true to yourself.An example of that would be living a lie-by living with someone or a situation that you can't tolerate,in which u have to be hypocritical;or living with the family or job situation or anything else that you didn't believe in;the Archangels are talking about adulterating your own soul-being, untrue or unfaithful to your own soul.

Every minute we make a choice..and like i always say,we create your own reality.
'No matter how many mistakes u make or how slow you progress,you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.
Before you assume,learn the facts,before you judge understand why,before you hurt someone,feel.Before you speak,think.
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Sending everyone all my love and a shower of Angel Blessings!
And wishing everyone a day filled with love,joy peace and happiness.

Thursday, December 1, 2016



I picked 3 cards from the 'SAINTS AND ANGELS' card deck by Doreen Virtue.

The first card is by your Guardian Angel who is working with u to reduce the impact of stress.Pay close attention to Divine Guidance,such as thoughts and feelings about taking rest or exercising,maybe changing your routine and most importantly to avoid conflict.You need to both reduce stress in your life and manage the way its affecting you.

The second card is by St Dymphna,a celtic girl/a loving saint who left her homeland after her widowed father made advances toward her in his bereavement.She lived a brave life and assists people who are going through physical or mental upsets.Her message says that the answer to your questions involves emotions-either yours or the person you are inquiring about.So pay closer attention to how you are feeling and know that it is safe for you to admit your true feelings to yourself.Ask and allow St Dymphna to illuminate your journey.

The third card is again by your Guardian Angel who says that you must look beyond the surface of the situation as there is important information that you are not currently aware of(or u have not admitted to yourself).Your Guardian Angel will bring this to your attention however this requires you to be open minded.

This is also a message for you treat yourself with tender sweetness.If you have felt toughened by life experiences,your Angels can help u lower your defenses and still feel safe and protected.

When you feel love,act on it.Speak your heart.Be truthful.Remain open.

Sending everyone Love Light and a shower of Angel Blessings.
Have a miraculous day!



Beautiful message from Angel Serena and Chantall however the message for the weekend is absolutely lovely.They bring us a shower of abundance;we do not need to question how but just believe that God works in mysterious ways and can make anything and everything possible.Stay open to receiving.

Angel Chantall brings you love;perhaps to those who have been single for a while now.Your prayers have been answered.New romance is imminent,either with a new comer or through re-ignited passion in your existing relationship.Be open to giving and receiving love.
Sometimes ego comes in the way,also fear of being hurt which happened in the past and that may have created blockages which can be easily removed by calling upon our Beloved ARCHANGEL MICHAEL who can help u cut the cords of fear.
Wherever it is required,u must speak your truth.The universe supports you completely.Even if someone from the past appears,take the time to listen and this goes both ways in order to either move forward with the relationship or get closure.It is very important to close certain doors so that new ones open.Being in a state of limbo,long standing indecisiveness can lead to dilemma further causing psychological damage.Your body can be your guide,how do u feel with a certain person?Does he/she make u feel elevated and inspired or do they drain you out mentally?Does he care or is he/she just looking to find someone just for the heck of it.Know your worth,love yourself and as u do so u will be able to decipher,who really means well and who doesn't.Allow your spirit to guide your way on.Trust your vibe.It has all the answers.
The Angels also want to say that we all must know and find out who we are.This is your spiritual destiny.Sometimes the path that u chose can make you lose faith and u may fall in despair whether love exists at all.
Doubt reflects the ego,which is bound in space and time;love reflects God,Eternal Divine Essence.

"There is nothing wrong in searching for happiness....
But of far more comfort to the soul....
is something greater than happiness
or unhappiness and that is meaning.
Because meaning transfigures all....
Once what you are doing has for you meaning,
it is irrelevant whether you are happy or unhappy.
You are content-you are not alone.
In your 'Spirit'- You belong.
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Sending everyone love light and a shower of Angel Blessings
Have a great weekend.








Expect a miracle.Heaven is completely on your side and your prayers have been answered.The 'healed' reality is one of the several parallel realities currently available to you.And you access this 'healed' situation through faith and gratitude.
Laughter is the best medicine;it helps us to stand back and see ourselves and situations more objectively.When we laugh we relax.And when we relax,creative solutions and renewed energy course through us more easily.So take the time to laugh and have fun,by maybe going for a funny movie or a play,adding some kind of playfulness in your activities.Lighten up!
Your body wants to express itself through movement.Spend a moment asking your body what type of movement it desires.Does it want cardiovascular conditioning such as jogging?A peaceful walk in nature?Stretching and meditative activities in yoga class?Dancing to music?Listen to and follow through with your body's answer
You will soon be receiving good news,such as the healing of a strained relationship,an unexpected financial resource,a resolved health issue,a happy addition to your home,a new career opportunity or a romantic proposal.Please don't strain to figure out the 'how' this solution will be achieved or in what form it will manifest.Instead let yourself enjoy feelings of excitement and gratitude as you allow heaven to help you.
You are urged to stop worrying about the future as that comes in the way for God and the Angels to help u.Know and believe that a happy outcome is on its way soon.
Put your highest value of spiritual growth while maintaining your everyday life,even engaging in it that is what is meant by being in the world but not of it.This has to be real and not simply an ideal.We are engulfed by the material world and its demands.How can we put it in proper place while still earning a living,raising a family and enjoying some comforts?The answer lies at the level of attention.The things u consider most important draw your attention and in essence they become your world.For example career,fame,physical things.But if you focus on second attention,it will connect you with your true self and will take you to the essence of reality.This essence can never be destroyed or completely suppressed.
"The soul awaits its resurrection,not through an apocalyptic end of time but through each individual beginning to wake up."
-Deepak Chopra

So sing,laugh and play,enjoy your self,your life.Count only your blessings and all that God has given u.Sure u can ask for more,but it may feel hard to go the next level until u truly express gratitude for what u have.Because there is always always something to be grateful about.
Take back your power you gave away.Speak your truth when it counts.Draw a line when your core values are violated.Give highest priority to self-respect.Love yourself for who u are and allow God and the Angels to do the rest.For now,just be.
...the love and the light u are.
And send out love...only that.
And u will see how beautifully and miraculously situations get healed.

So my dear all,i wish u a miraculous week ahead.
Trust that you are worthy,trust that you can be loved,trust in all that you are.

Sending a shower of Angel Blessings to all.
Keep smiling and allow yourself to shine .

Tuesday, November 29, 2016



A happy move to a new home or place of employment is in the works.This moment will usher in positive new energy.All u need to do is trust God and the Archangels and even though it may require a great deal of effort,when u work with the Archangels,it can actually be a time of great joy.
No matter what any one says,know that you are getting real messages from the Divine and u have connected with the Spirit world.It is not your imagination.Sometimes people may get jealous...spread rumors,let them be.I would say to them to never judge another,until you've got the facts right.
Do not be afraid of your gifts.Although u may have been teased or punished for being pyschic in your childhood or past life,ask the Archangels to help u stay centered and trust your inner guide.
Your desired outcome will occur in the very near future.Have patience and faith and don't try to force it to happen.Pushing against the flow of life also stunts spiritual growth,because the path becomes harder.Sometimes we ourselves create these blocks and yet,at the same time there are external blocks as well.Meditation and introspection can really resolve dilemma if u are unable to think clearly and make a decision.
Focus on service;if you are constantly focusing on money or a love affair,its hard for God and the Angels to intervene.
If you feel u need to rest,give yourself permission to do that.U must take care of yourself.The energies have been pretty dense,as we are all aware,in these times one must try and lighten up,try change the perspective and not act on an impulse,instead you can be simplistic and still be very intellectual.This means caring for the smallest and the largest.Walk into your home,close the door and be grateful that you have four walls that reflect you,whether it's an apartment or your house.Be grateful for the friends and the support you have,no matter how difficult things may seem.You are are special and a part of the Divine.Don't let anyone dim your spark,move away from situations that drain u.No body is worth it.In the end,it's you,so move forward.At least tell yourself you are ready too and allow the universe to open new doors for you.Nothing is impossible,there is way too much help.You are never alone,u have your spirit guides,your guardian angels...and so what if u have to call them over and over again.There's no shame in asking for help.If u ask people for help and they put u down,don't go back....don't allow them to disrespect u.Don't hurt yourself by making the same mistakes again.Focus on other options.Try,try setting an intention.Intention orchestrates infinite possibilities.That's how you leave your door of communication open.

"Remember that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. So if you believe that this is an unfriendly universe, you’ll look for examples to support this point of view. You’ll anticipate people attempting to cheat, judge, take advantage of, and otherwise harm you. You’ll blame the antagonistic, inhospitable cosmos for not cooperating with you in the fulfillment of your desires. You’ll point the finger at belligerent people and bad luck for the kind of world we all live in.
I implore you to see the universe as a warm and supportive one because you’ll look for evidence to support this view. When you anticipate that the universe is friendly, you see friendly people. You look for circumstances to work in your favor. You anticipate good fortune flowing into your life.

My favorite affirmation when I feel stuck or out of sorts is: 'Whatever I need is already here, and it is all for my highest good.' Jot this down and post it conspicuously throughout your home, on the dashboard of your car, at your office, on your microwave oven, and even in front of your toilets! Remind yourself: 'I live in a friendly universe that will support any thing or desire that is aligned with the universal Source of all.'


Sending everyone lots and lots of love and a shower of Angel Blessings.
Stay well.
And I love u all.

Monday, November 28, 2016


This is a good time to take a break and get some fresh air. You have been indoors too long and your body and soul crave oxygen. Spend time outside, as near to Mother Nature's cradle as possible.
If you have been waiting for external signs of what you should do next or where you go from here; that answer will come from inside of you. You must decide what you want before anything can change.
Carve out time to meditate upon your heart's true desires and know that you deserve the best, as we all do.
You now have the opportunity to re- write the script according to your heart's desire.
Get crystal clear about your intention...and believe that intention orchestrates infinite possibilities.The Angels want us to believe that all of us are loved and lovable.In an often hostile and brutal world,maintaining this belief may seem impossible.
Although you perceive yourself in limited terms, as a mind and a body confined in time and space, there is a wealth of spiritual teaching that says otherwise. In Spirit you are unbounded by time and space, untouched by experience; in Spirit you are pure love....
and the reason you do not feel completely loved and lovable is because you do not identify with your spiritual nature.
What may be stopping yourself to connect with your source/soul maybe because of the scars of wounds accumulated over a lifetime...things that may have occurred in the past.
So in order to set yourself free u have to forgive the ones you may have taken you down and move on.
Your expectation from others must be replaced by Self Love.
Fall in love with yourself and the external circumstances will change.
Keep the promises that you made to yourself and trust that u will take care of them, for you must develop a faithful relationship with yourself now, and you must honor all your commitments.
Sad to say, many people enter lifelong relationships in which love fades over time or provides lasting companionship without growing in its inner dimension.
But when you find your path, you will also find your love story.
When you trust in the fact that love really is at the core of your nature, you feel complete peace.
Darkness, however terrible, never fully extinguishes the spark of light.
The Angels say that "All dis-ease comes from a state of unforgiveness" and that "whenever we are ill, we need to look around to see who is that we need to forgive."
Also the person you find it the hardest to forgive is the one you need to let go of the most.
Forgiveness means giving up, letting go.It has nothing to do with condoning behavior, it's just letting the whole thing go.
We do not have to know how to forgive, all we need to do is to be willing to forgive and the universe will take care of the 'hows'.
The moment you truly forgive you have reclaimed your power from the mind.
Wherever you may be right now, you have three options- Remove yourself from that situation completely, change it or accept it in its totality. If you want to take responsibility for your life, you must choose one of these options and you must choose now.
Then accept the consequences.No excuses.No negativity.No psychic pollution.Keep your inner space clear.
If you take any action-leaving or changing your situation-drop the negativity first, if at all possible.
So that you break free from this pattern and don't end up attracting a similar situation.
Everyone has Guardian angels, and these Angels perform God's will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our Angel messages, every aspect of our lives becomes more peaceful.
So this week do try and connect with them as often as u can:).

I hope everyone has a splendid week and stays strong.
Love ,Light and Angel Blessings !

Saturday, November 26, 2016



ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON says that it's a good time to work on your own musical gifts.Practice!
If u have been guided to compose a song,participate in a musical play,playing an instrument or joining a singing group-Now is the perfect time.Also indulge in listening to music because it lifts your spirits to another dimension and elevates your thoughts to Divine love.

There are times in everyone's life when one may feel abandoned.Well this is a clear message from God and his Angels that they are not gone and they can never leave u ever.It is only our fear that makes us blind and mute to the presence of the Angels.Yet,if u ask them they can lift away your fears and they want you to know that you are truly blessed and very very loved by God and the Angels.
Despite giving several tries,if a situation is not working out then clearly this is not the time,yet.If u stay connected to the Angels u will see the hidden blessing behind this situation.Just keep doing that u are.The Angels are always watching over u.

ARCHANGEL ARIEL says that if you have thought of moving away from city life,consider this card as additional validation.Also AA ARIEL may be encouraging you to choose an occupation involving plants or animals.For instance,you may enjoy gardening,nursery or veterinary work,pet sitting,or delving into the world of animal communication.
In addition,the Angels are addressing and assisting you with your romantic needs.Ask for and accept the Angels help with your love life.If u get an inner nudging to go somewhere,act on it-this is one way the Angels communicate.By giving u repetitive ideas,signs,dreams.
The short-cut to have anything in your life is to 'be' and feel 'happy' NOW!It is the fastest way to bring money and anything else you want into your life.Focus on radiating out into the universe those feelings of joy and happiness.When you do that,you will attract back to you all things that bring u joy and happiness,which will not only be abundance of money but everything else that u desire.
The Law Of Attraction is reflecting back your innermost thoughts and feelings,and as you radiate out those feelings,they will be sent back to u.
Wishing everyone a week filled with love and light.
Remember,you are the master of your thoughts!

And I love u all .

Friday, November 25, 2016



Archangel Michael,in a very reassuring way says,"Dear one,stop worrying about things u are unable to change.I along with God,am in charge,taking care of the details.Give all your worries to God and stop struggling against the flow.There's a natural flow that this situation is taking,and it is important to believe that things are going in the right direction....because they truly are.
Ask for help if u feel the need.Your prayers have been heard and answered and a miraculous solution is already in the works."
It's time to leave an unhealthy situation.You've been enduring a toxic situation for far too long investing time and energy that isn't yielding healthful results.This experience is neither beneficial for u or the other people involved.You do not have to remain in negativity and therefore walk out without guilt or hesitation.
Romance Angels are helping u.In order to manifest a soul-mate romance,you must express the qualities you desire in a partner.So the Romance Angels may ask you to make healthful lifestyle changes,focus on self-improvement,learn additional,interesting hobbies;listen to your intuition.The more that you listen to your intuition,the faster your prayers for a loving relationship will be answered.People who are in relationships will experience a happy change in their relationships.All u need to do is listen to your inner guide concerning health,exercise,diet and other aspects of self improvement.
Something beautiful i read so sharing it with you.
We live like actors in a play who are given only one line at a time,going through the motions without understanding the full story.But when you get in touch with your soul,u see the whole script for the drama.You understand.You will participate in this story,but now you participate joyously,consciously and fully.Each moment takes on a deeper quality that comes from appreciation of what it means in the context of your life.
What is even more thrilling is that,we ourselves are capable of rewriting the play or changing our roles by applying intention,grasping the opportunities that arise from coincidence and being true to the calling of your souls.
As kids,we always heard the story of Aladdin dreams of finding a magic lamp that,when rubbed,would deliver a genie who could grant every wish.As adults we understand that there are no such genies,which leaves all our wishes bottled up inside us.What wishes would u make for yourself?What would fulfill your needs at the deepest,most basic level?What would allow your soul to complete its destiny?
-Deepak Chopra

So my dear all,u know that i love you bunches .
Make the next 7 days the most miraculous and the most unforgettable ones.
If u change,people around u change.
Connect deeply with your Archangels and u will feel better no matter what the circumstances are.Trust me,i trust the Archangels.
Love Light and a Shower of Angel Blessings to all.

Thursday, November 24, 2016



ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL says a new family member is coming into your life.This could mean a new partner,friend or even a child.It could also signify the return of a family member with whom u have lost contact.These changes come to you on heaven's wings,meaning that you are safe,protected and will derive enjoyment from them.
Also an unexpected occurrence will herald a happy outcome between u,a parent,a child or both.

ARCHANGEL PEARL says that when we are responsible for ourselves we are more responsible for others.That is,when we are happy our family,friends enjoy being around us and are inspired by our strength and confidence.
The recent feelings,thoughts,dreams and aspirations are coming from your Spirit.You have been asking for Divine Guidance and your higher self has answered your prayers.Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because u have taken the time to listen.Perhaps u have taken up a yoga or a meditation practice or maybe u have put your foot down to the universe and adamantly decided to improve your life.
If u are going through deep loss of a loved one,know that they are safe and they are watching over you.They wish for your happiness;the cycle of life-Birth-Death-Rebirth.
Easier said than done..but time heals all wounds.It does!
We are all here to perfect our souls and the purpose of our life is service.
The Angels also ask us to express ourselves with music.Music lifts your soul to new listen.Sometimes the lyrics,or the memories evoked by a song,could contain a message for you that will answer a particular question you may have.
Know that there is nothing really to be worried about.The universe always provides.Stress is the biggest disrupter.If you are stressed,if you are feeling hostility,your body's balance gets thrown off.Stress breaks our non local connection with everything else.
Be aware of a new opportunity being presented to you.It is safe for you to trust and enter into this new realm.
I have probably mentioned before and yet the Angels are prodding me to reiterate that no matter how much of a mess we may have made of our lives,it is always possible to tap into the part of the soul that is universal,the infinite field of pure potential and change the course of your destiny.This is synchrodestiny-taking advantage of this connection between the personal soul and the universal soul to shape our life.
"I appreciate all that I am and all that I have.
I will stop focusing on what i do not have, and shift my consciousness to an appreciation for all that i am and all that i
do have."
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

I love u all
Much love and a shower of Angel Blessings!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016



Both ARCHANGEL ARIEL and ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL say,"MAGIC IS IN THE AIR. ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆.

A spiritual gateway has opened for you.At such times your ability to manifest is heigh
tened.Use the next few days to focus on your desires.If you are unsure,ask for Divine Guidance and the Archangels will be with you.
Break free from routines just because they feel safe and comfortable.Time to really get out of your comfort zone and u will know how much better that feels.It's time to take risks and explore new ways of thinking,making a living or attracting relationships.
The only thing the Archangels see, holding u back is your sense of 'Worthiness'.Believe in yourself.YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.YES YOU ARE.
Allow yourself to be helped,to be loved and cared for and give if u feel someone needs your love and attention.U will see how great it feels to give,to the poor,maybe help a friend or someone in need not looking at them as victims but vibrationally empowering them,because there is nothing that you can do that the other person can't.Be humble,be kind...getting down deep into your authentic nature..the core of your being,an eternal being living his soul,pure and simple,non-judgemental,seeing the light in every being because we are all made equally by one infinite power.Never to forget that!
Love yourselves,inner u,focus on inner happiness;it's not always about how you look on the outside,the real 'you' is inside.Know that,like everyone else,u deserve to receive good in all ways.
As you realise your self worth,your external circumstances will start changing.With this paradigm shift that u make within,u will manifest masterpieces.You will attract people on the same wavelength...u will feel free;gates of opportunities that once were shut will open choose wisely.Your happiness is in your hands and like i always say,if in dilemma look within for the answers or ask the Archangels for assistance.
In order to speed up the manifestation say positive affirmations each morning....each night.Begin each day with positive intentions.Do not worry about how to bring them into physical form,just allow yourself to imagine that they have already manifested.
Write down these affirmations,eventually as u say them to yourself everyday,you will realise how strongly they have merged with your consciousness-you sure will be amazed with the outcome .
So i wish u all a very happy and a miraculous week.
In joy,love light....
And of course a shower of Angel Blessings!!
I love you all.




Our beloved Archangel Michael says that there is nothing to worry about;you are on the right path.Your thoughts and actions are in the right direction toward achieving your life's purpose and inner peace.The Angels applaud you for listening to your guidance from within and following it faithfully.Even though u may not clearly see what's up ahead,the Angels want you to know that they are guiding you and protecting you every step of the way.
It is time to leave an unhealthy situation;you have been enduring a toxic situation for far too long,investing time and energy that isn't yielding healthful results.You don't need to remain in negativity walk away without guilt or hesitation.
Some of u may feel stuck but Archangel Michael says it is possible to walk away from an unwanted situation without repeating it again,but that would require not talking about it,not thinking about it and not pushing against it.It would require a complete de-activation of the vibration of the troubling experience.And the only way to deactivate a thought or vibration is to activate another.
The way to avoid unwanted situations is to talk about wanted situations.Talk about what you do want and discontinue dialogue with any unwanted experiences,situations or results.
Many of my dear friends are grieving over the loss of their loved ones.Archangel Michael says they are safe with him and God and are watching over you.It's only natural to feel sad,but try and understand that life and death is a process of life.As painful as it may be-This too shall pass.Keep Archangel Michael in your heart.Give all your burdens to him.He will never let u down.And God never fails.

Be gentle with yourselves.
You may have taken on a difficult script in life,but if u change your perspective and make that shift in your consciousness,everything around you will change.
In this journey called life some of us have chosen to walk alone,some have chosen difficult partners,some have been left heartbroken...but know that time heals all wounds...and u always have a choice.So move on...u are precious and loved.What is that u want NOW?
Like i always say,u are the creator of your life.What do u desire?
Maybe introspect a little.Do not let ego win this time,think with love..only because u are love...and nothing else.
Let go of fear.Invoke Archangel Michael,as often as u can,ask for help if u need it..don't hold back!
If u are disappointed know there's better for u..but u have to believe..
We are here to perfect our souls and we all have had many many growth lessons.The question is,how much have we learned?Are u still looking back or are u moving forward fearlessly?
Think.Perfect time to let go of what does not serve your highest good.
New Moon's here..only again  .
Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.
Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment.
I teach people that no matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic, no matter how much drama is around you, you can heal by your presence if you just stay within your center.
-Deepak Chopra.

Sending everyone a shower of Angel Blessings.
I love u all 
Take care and don't be so hard on yourselves.
Be well and happy .