Sunday, November 20, 2011

This week Nov 21 to Nov 27-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
"You are very intelligent and talented.You have the ability to learn and memorize a lot of material.You are creative;don't overlook that side of the seeds of such beauty have been sown by the creator in you."
For instance if you are a designer,writer,singer,performing artist,,this is the time to let yourself shine and not shy away.Allow yourself to be who you are..and fear not.SANDALPHON will protect u,guide you and provide u the right portal for your talent to be noticed in the best possible way.

ARCHANGEL AZRAEL(Beige)says "You have a special bond with a grandparent that can never be broken."
This card wants you to know that your grandparents..could be your grandmother or grandfather;they love you very much and their love is helping you right now.No matter what,you and your grandparent will always be connected by this love.That's because the special bond that you share travels everywhere-even from Heaven!If u want some answers from them,you can easily have a silent mental conversation with them,by writing a letter or by asking directly.Your grandparents will do whatever is possible to help and probably will help you in an even better way than imagined.

The Angels/Archangels also want us to decide about what it is we really want in life.
It may sound difficult,but if you just close your eyes and notice what truly makes you happy,things will only get better from here.Decisions are magical,in that they get things moving again.If u don't like the direction in which your life is going,make a list of things u have always wanted to do and ask the Angels to guide u on them.
The oracle cards that i recently picked up are so helpful in making us understand what our Life Purpose maybe if u can get a set of those cards,it would benefit each and every one.
Also the Angels reiterate that blame and anger takes away your power and gives it to the other person.You just need to forgive and that does not mean that you have to forgive the other person's actions if they really hurt you,but u do need to stop seeing that person as an enemy,because this anger is toxic to you and your body.
So give your anger, your pain to the Angels and be happy with who u are and how far you have come.

I wish everyone a happy week.
Exercise-Run,walk,swim and stay active  and healthy as this will give you more energy and happiness.
Be well and know that love heals everything.
The Angels are always here for us,all u have to do is call.

Love light and Angel Blessings

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This week Nov 14 to Nov 20-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
The first card that i picked is a message from AA ARIEL(soft shade of Pink) and it says 'TREASURE CHEST'.
"An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!"
Your prayers for financial support have been heard and assistance is here for you now.So remain in a state of Gratitude that says that the money is already here,even if there's no visible evidence of it yet.When you feel grateful before the demonstration of supply occurs,it reveals your faith.And your faith is the energy that draws riches to you without delay.Affirm-"Thank you for all of the support,supply,abundance and money that you bring to me.I am grateful for these riches,which i use in Divine ways to bring blessings on Earth."

AA CHAMUE(Leaf green) through this card alerts you to the fact that you need to  make room for the new by  letting go of the old.First let go emotionally and intellectually.In other words,'quit' or say 'goodbye' in your mind and your heart.Once you have done this,the physical letting-go will happen naturally,in a peaceful and harmonious way.Ask ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL  to help u make this transition and put all your energy into prayer and faith and leave the rest up to Infinite Spirit.You will get definite guidance whenever it is the right moment to take action.Until then,keep love at the core of your being and stay detached from your old situation.

AA RAPHAEL(Emerald Green)says,"As your feelings towards your mother heal,your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately.By drawing this card,Heaven asks you to release some remaining 'mother issues'.Give the entire situation to heaven;knowing that he situation may heal in unexpected ways.Be unconcerned with how it heals and be vigilant in releasing any lower energies connected to your mother that could interfere with your life's mission.Be open n willing to forgive and release old issues related to yourself,your mother,mother figures or anyone connected to your mother.By cleaning your inner house,you invite new love,opportunities,abundance and healing energy to enter your life.

Interesting week this should be my dear at home:).Keep invoking the Angels to be there by your side.Their presence always has a calming effect on us each time we call upon them;most importantly a permanent resolve to situations is provided and i gladly call it a miracle!

Wishing everyone a happy week.
Be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of each moment..
Turn thy power outward not inward,
for therein shines the Light and the Way.

Love light and Angel Blessings all.
Take care.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This week Nov 7 to Nov 13-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week i have another new deck of cards by Doreen Virtue-MAGICAL UNICORNS ORACLE CARDS.
Needless to say they are beautiful;have attached a pic below to show u what they look like(even though the cards i pulled out are were different)also i am sure most of you already have this wonderful deck:).
We have ARCHANGEL METATRON(Dark blue with pink) and ARCHANGEL ARIEL(soft shade of pink-baby pink)with us this week.

Everyone wants to be liked,so it's normal that you want to fit in with other people.You may compare yourself with others and feel like you don't belong.You may even feel that you're not as good as other people.You don't need to change in order to please others.If you try to be different from who you really are,you wont be happy and wont make true friends.But if your inner voice tells you to improve yourself through learning new skills and taking care of your body,then you are being good to yourself.This will lead you to true friends who really love you as you are!
Call upon METATRON to guide u on this.

The second card says-IMAGINE.What would you see,feel,think and hear if your wish came true?
When you imagine your dream coming true,you help make it happen.This card asks you to think of a wish that you really want and imagine that it has come true.Next,close your eyes and notice how your body feels while you think about your wish.How do u feel-excited,happy,nervous or something else??Do u feel tingles anywhere in your body.Feel in depth,your are on your way to creating a breakthrough so in this imagination,see everything that u want to see.What people,colors and things do u see?What do you see yourself doing after your wish has come true.
When you imagine your dream coming true and pay attention to your thoughts and words and help make it happen.This is the power of human mind.You may even be surprised when your wish comes true in a  better way than you think.Practice this..imagination.creative visualization for at least 5-10 minutes..if not more...everyday.It's like creating a mini movie;a basket of all your presents put in front of you and you watch yourself opening them with so much much excitement..what happy does one get all that one has dreamed off!!Just Imagine!
This technique is also called 'Flow dreaming' and with your thoughts and energy you can change the direction of your flow.Only important thing to know is to be clear of what you want.This sure works!I can guarantee!
ARCHANGEL ARIEL will be with u all along during this imagination/manifestation process.See how good u feel after u come out of it..refreshed and feeling brand new.It's beautiful...oh u have noooo idea:).
If some of u may experience blocks in letting your mind go,well that means there is someone  u  need to forgive.
Maybe without even realizing you are blaming someone and are angry;blame takes away your own power.Also could be that you feel angry towards yourself...for maybe not doing something as per your own expectation.Well..let kind to yourself,everyone makes mistakes...and so what,never too late to start over.Forgive yourself.It's okay.Be your yourself more instead....and you will heal.
Ask AA ARIEL;usually when u are sitting by yourself giving yourself permission to mentally have,all that you desire,the person standing in the way will also appear.In order to set yourself free you need to mentally say it to that person,'i forgive you for what you have done and i have moved on'.
Maybe the first time things may not feel so smooth but if you take the Angels along when u sit to do this,you will enjoy the art of imagining...and receiving.Besides it all starts from the mind...manifestation is bound to follow.And that's a fact.

So am hoping we all imagine wonderful things for our lives and send love and light to Mother Earth who grounds us with all her love,giving us the opportunity to write our own script,as and when we like.

Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.

 No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without

The mind is everything.
'What you think you become'.

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart:).

Sending everyone  lots of love and light and wishes for a super exciting week.
Lots and lots of love to all and Angel Blessings