Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This week 13-19 June 2011Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

My dear all!
How are we?
Well!Connected with the Angels i hope,feeling their Love..their Divine Grace...their Magnificence:).

For this week,we have ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL AND GABRIEL with us.
ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL in her mighty pink radiance sends us all her love and says 'The worst is behind you now'.

It was a test that we all were going through..and she proudly says we all did great in believing and staying so so strong in Faith.
She would like us to open our arms and release the challenges that we may have held tightly gripped within our hands.
'Open your hands,arms and heart to our love and assistance now as we shower you with blessings and the rewards you have earned under such unbearably difficult circumstances.'-JOPHIEL.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL says 'Dear one,you have been working and worrying a lot lately and your soul cries out for fun.
Feelings of fatigue,irritability or depression are additional signs that you are overdue for some playtime.
If it's hard for you to create time,then just try and spend time with loved ones..or watch a funny movie..catch up with old friends..
Do things which are light and breezy and can help  keep your spirits up.
Fun and play are necessary parts of life for children and adults.These types of activities help us live healthier lives and allow us to attain our desires more quickly.
Fun 'is' a part of living a balanced life'.

I know,a lot of you may say,how, under the present circumstances can we have fun!Well,i understand for some ,things are really really bad..and in order to get by,i would say,that what ever that u do..stay completely focused in the moment..don't think about the moment before or

what happens next.Stay completely in the present moment.
whether this may mean taking care of a sick child/friend..or going through relationship disharmony...break ups.You have to believe that the more you focus on that which is already causing you so much agony,by focusing and worrying about it,you will only attract more of that.When u feel bad about something that someone may have said,it is bound to play on your mind...then u must choose better feeling thoughts..happy thoughts... for your own peace..which makes you stay positive and connected to your source.

Like i always say-Your thoughts become your reality and your 'Point of Attraction' is of extreme significance here.
You have to offer your mind this contrast and if you make this a practiced thought,you will soon realize that it really isn't all that hard.There is Duality in Life, the Universe & Everything.
All you have to do is make a choice now..are u going to drown,in this flood of drama..pain , suffering or are you going to rise above and strike back!

When you hear this saying,over and over again 'You are the creator of your own reality',it means that how you look at things in your life,is what makes all the difference.

How you re-act is the next and lastly how you look at yourself in retrospect to that situation/your relationship with yourself is of utmost importance here.
To some one who has let u down,well if u look at him in a similar way,he is only going to let you down more..over and over again..
yes , sure it hurts but how do we change this.Look at his God-center,forgive him..wish him well..and let them be who they have chosen to be.

Sure again..easier said than done,but i can guarantee you..if you do this..u will bring about so many breakthroughs in your cannot even imagine how amazing the Power of Forgiveness is.
I forgive someone is hard..specially when they don't love u back the way u did..but if they don't love u,must u stop loving your self too?

Honor yourself...stay in union with yourself.Fall in love with who you are.
People come..and sometimes they leave..
Let them.
One door shuts another one will open.
You are precious and don't let anyone take your Light away from you.You are are Love..if they don't see it,it is their lack.

Should u waste another moment with this person,hoping he/she will change..maybe this or that will happen..Stop making excuses for others and start living your life and purpose;Only that will bring you the joy that you have been searching for.
Keep your intentions clear.
They hurt u..u don't hurt back.Don't stoop down to their level.Live with dignity,keep your pride and be brave.
It's all going to be okay.
Ask the Angels for assistance whenever you need them.
They will be there...always.

I wish everyone a wonderful week.
And Take your power back-Don't be a truly 'are' the creator of your own reality.
Remember this.

My best to all my lovely members.
Angel Blessings.
Love and Light

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