Monday, September 12, 2011

This week Sept 12 to Sept 18-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have ANGEL ISABELLA and ARCHANGEL MICHAEL with us.
ANGEL ISABELLA is a soft shade of Auburn Brown and she says,"Yes,the timing is right for this new venture.A happy outcome follows your positive expectations."
Several pieces of the puzzle will now fall into place and you have also learned some valuable lessons in the process.
"In answer to your question,yes,this situation is everything you hoped it would be.It is a good idea to keep your eyes open and pray for Angelic assistance as you move forward.However,we Angels foresee smooth sailing with this decision."

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL..the prince of heavenly armies..glows beautifully  in Deep Purple..and he says,"I have come to you because you asked God for safety and protection and because you asked about your Life Purpose.
You are a 'Light worker' and even though you may feel different and isolated at times,know that we are always with you,holding your hand,taking you to places where you will feel good and holding you back with the signs we show you along the way where we feel caution must be warranted.
I am with you,giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your Divine Life Purpose."

Our beautiful Angels once again urge us to follow the Law of Attraction in order to manifest quickly into our lives all that we desire.All one needs to do is,not think negative,no matter how difficult the situation may be.If feelings of anger and remorse surface,you cannot deactivate that thought,however what you can do is activate a better feeling thought,so as to maintain the balance and keep yourself in perfect alignment for a breakthrough solution..for peace and for happiness.

Our relationship with ourselves,is another important thing the Angels want us to work on.What people may think or say,the fact is that this is your life,and what you make of it...or don't is a choice..if people do not approve of your choices,let them not...let them be.
So if you feel something or someone will make u happy,go for it!Because at the end of the day,it's you and you..

Take responsibility for your life..and follow your heart,if things,lets just say don't work out the way you thought,you have no one to blame.You are here to experience life..and keep your head held high and keep doing what 'you' like to do.
Joy is not about controlling other people or circumstances,joy is about controlling your own vibrational relationship between the physical you and the non physical you.It is alignment with Source that is joy or love or success or satisfaction.
This 'Source, your 'Spirit',your 'Soul'-Its yours.
It's pure,its love and it's light.The physical body can be a little hard to deal with at times....sometimes we are can be challenging at times...well like the last 2 body i was completely sick..went from an eye infection to a throat infection and then a stomach bug.I knew i was forgetting 'who i am'..i was forgetting that i am powerful and that i still 'AM'.And the minute these thoughts came back to me..that actually 'i am not my body,i am my soul'..'i am pure energy'...i just started  to feel better...against all odds.
I personally hate going to doctors and taking used some home remedies and i am perfectly fine now.It was  a good way for the Healing Angels to show me how powerful they were.I almost took an appointment and as i put the phone down,ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL whispered in my ears,"Why don't you call upon me Inakshi,I am here for you".
Well that was it!Healing began.I felt his Green healing light..cleansing my eyes, my my throat.It was amazing!The doctor phoned me back and he is like,"you don't sound so sick anymore..and i was like," yes doc..i got healed".
I also had to change the way i think too.When the Angels intervene,they ask u to go deep into your soul and forgive..all who may have hurt story was the same..Eyes-what is it that i was afraid to see,Stomach-what/who is that i cannot stomach..Throat-Who is that i am angry with?

I found all the answers,from within,and AA MICHAEL,RAPHAEL AND JEREMIEL healed me...completely and i am so grateful to the Angels...and my higher self for this wonderful healing.

So well..if they can heal me,they can heal you too my dear all:).
No matter how critical your condition is..they work and how!
Just ask..keep asking..they are listening..and they will not fail you.
Please remember that.

I send everyone all my love and best wishes for a successful week ahead.
Know in your heart...that 'you' are the Truth and the Way and the Light.
Posted this video to the group's wall,in case u haven't seen it,do take the time..
You will feel their love...more than ever:).

Angel Blessings

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