Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This week Oct 17 to Oct 23-2011...Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
This week we have  ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and ANGEL ROSETTA with us.
ARCHANGELS are managers overseeing our Angels.
These ANGELS and ARCHANGELS are very powerful in expressing themselves;all we need to do is be willing to receive and follow the guidance that we hear..and of course believe.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL(Emerald Green)says,"Dear one,it is very important to listen to your intuitive feelings,whether it is regarding your personal life or health.When you are worried regarding relationships and health,it is normal to look for answers by talking to others or researching books and articles,yet this message reminds you to look inward for answers as well.After all you are the one who truly knows your mind and body,including how it feels and what it needs."
ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL wants you to listen to your physical and emotional feelings.Honor them and speak to yourself or your health care professional candidly.RAPHAEL will give you the courage to be assertive,ensuring that all your needs are met.
Know that you have the right to your feelings and you needn't justify them to anyone.Stay with people who respect you
and do not judge you harshly.
So if you are getting a feeling or thought about making a health change,or a personal relationship,please trust this message.
Healers and would-be healers would benefit by consulting their intuition in their health-care protocol.

ANGEL ROSETTA(Dark Pink) says,"Working with children makes you happy and helps your inner child shine.You have a gift for working with young people and your Divine purpose involves helping,teaching or parenting children.
Children also respond very well to your open-hearted nature as you are charmed by their straight-forward honesty,laughter and innocence.In many ways you engage and heal your own inner child and you seek to give these children that which desired when you were young."
Call upon this lovely ANGEL for the best way to proceed with your life purpose.

Your inner child needs love..nurturing and sometimes when you give too much to others,your energy becomes unbalanced.It is more than okay to expect love and kindness in return.Like it was strongly recommended in last week's message,if you feel people 'do not' stand by you when you need them,you must let them go,as they are only draining your energy.
New people are beginning to appear already as you can see,choose true to yourself..and others.Let the past go,the more you cling on to it,the deeper the Let go,Let God and the Angels and move on.If your heart feels heavy with grief,share your feelings with these Angels.The last few months,you may have been through turmoil and your soul is tired..your mind craves for peace.Give all your worries to the Angels.These Angels are pure beings of Divine Light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life.The best way is to stop thinking negatively about the concerned situation and invoke the Angels and leave it to them to resolve the conflict.
Extremely important not to indulge in gossip..and to follow the Law of Attraction that works for us at all times,whether we are aware of it or not.Catch your thoughts,don't fight fire with fire,respond to  it with Love and Light.In this way you are able to restore peace and improve the relationship with yourself(which is most important) and everyone involved.

If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.
Intense love does not measure, it just gives.

Leaving you all with this wonderful video i saw on a Light worker's wall.
(copy and paste the link if necessary)

Isn't it better to wear out than to rust out?!!?
Count your blessings.It's all good.There really is nothing to worry about.
You are loved and will always be taken care of..
Provided you believe!
And start over..if that's what it means.It is 'never' too late.
Life is a choice.Choose well.

Angel Blessings to all
Have a happy week.
Love Angel Family:)...always!

Light and only more...

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