Sunday, March 24, 2013

This week- March 24-March 31 ..... ENJOY!!

Greetings and a warm welcome to all our new members.
I believe we  all are feeling the relief after the retrograde ended...phew!Was that something now!
After every retrograde comes a breakthrough;isn't that something to be happy about! :-)

The first card i picked is headed as MIRACLE HEALING.Here we have ARCHANGEL MICHAEL(Deep purple) and ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL(Violet)giving us these messages.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL,the most powerful Healing Archangels say,"Expect a Miracle.You have prayed for assistance and it is forthcoming.The more completely u surrender your situation to God,the more rapidly you will realize your Healing."
Heaven is completely by your side and your prayers have been heard and answered.
You access your healed situation through faith and gratitude.To feel these powerful catalyzing emotions,say mentally or aloud to God,"I am tired of thinking about this situation.I don't want to deal with it any longer.Here,I'm giving the entire thing to you so that you can think about it and resolve it.Thank you so much for taking care of everything."
Then,detach completely from the situation.See yourself placing it in the palm of God's loving hand.Feel 'grateful' that your situation is resolved now and be open to the creative solution that greets you.

The second message comes from ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL(Dark Pink) where she says "Practice kindness in all your thoughts and deeds today-toward yourself,other people,animals and the environment and watch the rewards that come your way."
We often refer to kindness as "thoughtfulness",yet kindness is more correctly described as "lovefulness".By drawing this card ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL hands you the wonderful assignment of looking for opportunities to be kind today.This may mean "undercover kindness,"in which you do anonymous good deeds.Or it could mean being extra alert to strangers who  could use a helping hand or a thoughtful word.Kindness can also entail letting someone else win the argument or volunteering for a cause you truly believe in.
Your new energy of kindness attracts new loving friends into your sphere.Most importantly,when you are kind to yourself-by thinking about yourself compassionately and by taking out time or yourself-you are rewarded with a deep sense of inner satisfaction and peace.

Our Archangels also emphasize this week to get in touch with your Higher Consciousness.As you do so,u will believe more and more in yourself and that gut feeling inside,the thoughts,ideas will be messages directly from the Spirit clearing all dilemmas...complications or any blockages that stand in your way.
Perhaps you have begun a meditation or yoga practice and this has helped you quieten your mind...or maybe u have put your foot down to the universe and have adamantly decided to improve your life which is a wonderful way in my opinion to see changes and lead a more enriched life.

If u have set an intention,don't worry about when it will materialize.
For e.g , when a rose is growing in your garden,aiming for the day it will give forth a glorious blossom,it doesn't think of what the obstacles it have to overcome before it can flower.It simple grows,taking the good and the bad as they come,with the assurance that one day the flower will appear.
And yet roses bloom in rich soil,lots of nourishment and tender care.
The same holds true to you.Only two things are needed on the spiritual path:a vision of the goal and the means to expand your awareness.

So my dear all...have a lovely week..
Give yourself permission to be happy and pay 'Gratitude' for every lil thing u have in your life.
At the end of the day,u will feel so so at peace..and will experience  such great joy which absolutely no amount of money can buy.Trust me.

Amazing isn't it!I love it :-).
U must try it;its wonderful.

Love , Light and a shower of Angel Blessings to all.

I love u.So do our Archangels.

Catch u next week..till then,KEEP SHINING.


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