Monday, February 18, 2013

This week- Feb18-Feb 24..... ENJOY!!

Dear all,

This week we have ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL with us.
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL(Dark Purple)says- Let go of!
He says that fear is the only thing interfering with your happiness and plans.He wants to show you how to release any worry or dread so you can feel safe and secure.This card indicates that you are ready to let go of control issues and trust that everything ultimately works out for the best.
Trust that you are going in the right direction and that you deserve all that is good.Allow yourself to receive love,support and abundance.You are lovable!

ARCHANGEL JOPHIEL(Dark Pink)says- Let go of old guilt and remember that you are God's perfect child.
She says that if u feel you have made some wrong decisions in the past or not handled the situation the way u think u should have,forgive yourself...u were doing the best u could at that time.Don't be hard on yourself as no one's perfect and we all make mistakes!It is normal to feel regret occasionally,however it is important to focus on your positive attributes as you will manifest that which  you focus your attention on.Guilt is the opposite of love and it does not help anything or anyone.Love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY!

Our Angels emphasize on taking on life with a sense of humor.That is the best way to dispel Karma.Laughter brings about happiness,which dispels darkness and fills your soul.
You are energy,You are vibration.Your thoughts make you who you are.So choose your thoughts wisely.
Help others.Share your light.Some people have this superstition that if they get too close to others,they are going to catch their problems.It's like if you're going bankrupt or getting divorced and i am around you,maybe i will get it.As a result of this thinking,we miss the times to increase our own good karma by helping someone in need.
Review your life.I know the energies have been rather strong lately...for some,lots n lots has changed...and under the circumstances it may seem hard to make that shift in the consciousness;which is turning yourself from a fear-based person to the one who's filled with love for themselves as well as others.But it is never too late to pull yourself up again.Take one step at a time.. thanking each moment...and living it fully.Forgive the one's who have hurt you.If you seek revenge,you must dig two never really helps anyone,only hurts you...thwarts your growth.
Always better to look at the other person's truth.You will never know how it feels to be in their shoes.Each one is fighting their own battle.Send love and light instead...and  will see how it comes back to much of it,you will receive.
Doing things in the same way everytime puts you n a 'rut'. Ruts are major causes of stress and stress can lead to sad or tired feelings.Rise above the something in the moment...always in gratitude...counting all the blessings that you have.Trust me,even though it's a practice...all these qualities and embodying your spirituality creates a  beautiful mindset...a beautiful energy...that can turn things around and abundance...and prosperity will be at your doorstep.Positivity is the key rule to success;like i always say,change the way u look at things and things around u change.They have to.It is law!One of the most powerful universal one!
Love is what you are; it's the center of your creation. It's your point of origination and can become your point of attraction as well. As Karl Menninger told his patients, and anyone else who was suffering and willing to listen, "Love cures, the ones who receive love and the ones who give it, too."
- Dr Wayne Dyer.

Close the door on old, painful memories. Close the door on old hurts, old self-righteous unforgiveness. You might take an incident in the past where there was pain and hurt–something that is hard for you to forgive or look at. Ask yourself: "How long do I want to hold onto this? How long do I want to suffer because of something that happened in the past?" Now see a stream in front of you and take this old experience, this hurt, this pain, and put the whole incident in the stream and see it begin to dissolve and drift away until it disappears. You have the ability to let go. You are free.
- Louise Hay.

I hope we all have a super week!
It's a choice u make with yourself....
Do i want to be happy...or do i want to blame and suffer!

And yes,I love you-alllll my dear members :-).
Sending everyone a shower of Angel Blessings.....

✫ ✫ ✫.

Never too late to call upon them;they love you- UNCONDITIONALLY.
Our Angels.

Be well.

Take good care of yourself.
See you next week.

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