Sunday, May 8, 2011

This week 9-15 May 2011-Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all

We have ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL and METATRON communicating with us this week.
RAPHAEL says "The deep blue ocean speaks to your soul,healing and soothing you.Even the act of imagining yourself dipping into its healing
womb brings about desirable effects.Better yet,spend time physically near the ocean.Allow its power and beauty to wash away all cares and concerns".

METATRON says "The purpose of your life is to serve in a way that brings great joy to yourself and others.Don't worry about finding your purpose.
Instead focus upon serving a purpose and then your purpose will serve you.
Give all your worries about money or career to God and the Angels.
Focus only on the present moment..and do things one step at a time.

Maybe some of us are going through a desert period and these times can be utterly confusing.For instance we get up,go to work or do whatever that we have to do,
feeling no joy and then...just go to bed.These times are confusing and we feel we are just existing or are in a rut.
Questions like what am i doing,what am i going to be..where am i going what have i accomplished will never let your mind be at peace.
Don't analyze it..or even judge it for that matter.Flow with it.Have Faith.Ask the Angels to take away your fears and fill your heart with love.They will.
Life is circles within circles and many a times we end up where we started..but we are definitely wiser and have gained more grace and spirituality.
These are just growth lessons we have chosen but in order to free ourselves from it we must not address those issues in the same manner..we have to change the way we look at things..change it as it no longer serves your highest good;most importantly if we are finding ourselves in the exact same dreadful situation,well that means it is time your belief must change.
You have to be in alignment with your desires.And how you re-act to the same situation creates your future.
Many a times,we may get into 'the poor me' mode.This 'victim' like feeling is the worst thing one can do to oneself.It is dis empowering and builds upon itself until u are buried in a sea of
self-pity or the feeling of 'Why has God done this to me?"
As much as i understand how difficult it is to be strong and in faith at times,but you must know that only 'you' brought yourself here and only 'you' can pull yourself out of this.
You must take responsibility of your life.
Until u break this pattern,you will always feel self-defeated and the strength God gave you will diminish your soul.
And we must never forget-God helps those who helps themselves.Simple and yet so much truth and meaning to this commonly heard sentence.

So many people can't seem to get out of the box-all i ask is you try.Call upon the Angels to help u find a way.
Believe me,if you do,you'll notice that there's sunshine,fresh air and blessings all around.
I guess it is true,the best things in life actually come for free:).

Love light and Angel Blessings to all.
Happy week.



  1. Hello Inakshi:
    From my experiences of multi-dimensional or quantum levels, The Metatronic Energy does not ask you to give away your choices or hide behind the non-physical essence of YOU.

    The AAMetatronic/Yoham Energy asks that you realize YOU ARE GOD/GODDESS ALSO. The Order of the Arc is here to assist and honor the ANGELIC PRESENCE OF YOU...many angelic beings are waiting in line to become HUMAN and will create this physical experience soon...and are serving as 'cheerleaders' for the human beings on earth at this moment. It is their joy to do so. For God is not outside of your Consciousness or your Essence or sitting on a throne in heaven. It is the very particles of who you are. These particles of adamantine or quantum dna exists whether you remember it or not. The greatest gift of the Arc is to guide and remember who you TRULY ARE! I remember who you truly are beaute' akaInakshi. I AM THAT I AM. I AM LOVE.
    Adonai. Namaste' with love always. ~♥♥♥~

  2. Very well said Margo.
    I agree.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love Light and Angel Blessings to you.