Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week 16-22 May 2011-Messages From The Angels...Enjoy!!

Dear all,
We have ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL AND RAZIEL with us this week.

ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL(pale green) is also known as the 'Finding Angel' and helps you locate a career or job you may be seeking..also helping you retain your peacefulness,
helping you find the best job...or helps you find 'you' in case you are feeling lost and confused at this point in your life.
CHAMUEL  says that someone new has(or is about to)enter your life as an answer to your prayers.This person maybe a partner in business,friendship or maybe someone you will finally settle down with.
It will happen very naturally so don't try to push things.Pay careful attention to new people who come into your life.You 'will' recognize them by your sense of familiarity,comfort and safety.

ARCHANGEL RAZIEL says that even when our human mind may constantly create conflict,know and believe that your prayers will not go in vain as you have beautifully
sown the seeds of your desires,sending it out into the universe and soon you will reap the benefits and the manifestation will inevitably follow.
Try and quieten your mind and  try to listen to the gentle reassurance that everything has been taken care of.Stay in a quiet and receptive state and meditate.

Lets us all reconnect with the Angels once again by doing this simple breathing exercise.
I work with 15 Archangels but let me connect you to the 2 primary Archangels that is MICHAEL AND RAPHAEL.
Try and do this with me..Find a quiet comfortable place to relax..where u can spend 10 minutes undisturbed.
Focus on your breath..Breathe in..calling upon ANGEL MICHAEL and ANGEL RAPHAEL.
Breathe out all the their name.
Visualize his colors..which is the colors of his u know the Angels glow according to the color of their energies.Even if it feels like pretend,keep doing this please..
MICHAEL is Dark Purple and RAPHAEL is Emerald Green.
So think Dark Purple..and Emerald Green.Surround yourself with these beautiful lights..Breathe it in..
and Breathe out all tension..focusing on your breath..releasing all sadness,pain..mental or physical..
Inhale and exhale..knowing that the Angels are there...perhaps asking them to enter  your world if u cant feel their peaceful presence..and give u a sign....
and helping u understand that only 'Love is real'..
and 'You' are wonderful and magnificent..made in the image and likeness of matter what anyone says..or where u go..don't forget that.Your soul is pure light..and how u think about yourself..those thoughts .....others mirror that.
Breathe in this awareness...of the uniqueness that is u..and breathing out all the judgements people may have made..or even if they continue to do so..let them..u know now 'WHO YOU ARE'..and must remember that!!

Please know that the ANGELS are powerful beings..and their primary role is to be there for humanity.
They love us unconditionally and the more you call upon them,the better the connect.
They are celestial beings..who can help us in any situation at any given time..anywhere..and the words that you use to pray are unimportant as the Angels respond to the prayer of the heart.
MICHAEL AND RAPHAEL work in perfect tandem and are considered so powerful that a lot of people have experienced them even dissolve Cancer.
Their healing abilities are beyond words,mostly cause they bend the laws of space and time,
unaffected by gravity,can be there at any time for any number of people.
Whenever in doubt or fear surround yourself with MICHAEL'S 'Purple' light.He will protect you and guard you against all harm.
He is depicted as a warrior,albeit a very peaceful and loving one.
Call upon them,they will always be by your side and never let you down.

Love you all and sharing this beautiful video with u.The words are beautiful.
Take just a minute...

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Love light and Angel Blessings to all.


  1. Inakshi,
    lately I've been seeing triple numbers often. Last night I glanced at a clock and it said 11:11. This morning, I happened to glance at another clock and it said 11:11. What could this mean?

  2. Hi Alvaro!
    As you know or must have heard of the Shift in Consciousness that most people have been talking about;this Shift in Consciousness is a shift from fear based system to the one based on love and light.
    11:11 is the Awakening code;a wake up call to who you really are..i.e a spiritual being who needs to pay attention to his own spiritual evolution.I recommend u take the time and read 2012 End or Beginning by Guruji Krishnananda.He has explained in his book,very meticulously on all the changes that are happening to Mother Earth and why..and how each one of us must take responsibility as a Light Worker.
    Also maybe take a look at this link.
    Love n light to you!

  3. Thank you for the information, Inakshi. I will look into it.