Monday, April 8, 2013

This week April 8-April 14 ..... ENJOY!!

My dear all,

This week is one powerful week in my opinion..last week was high on energies again and this week as far as i can say is all about transformation...acceptance...moving on..and to transcend.
Again,it is all about the way u perceive the situation...
A door my opinion is a 100 new doors opening..
How we re-act to a situation CHANGES everything.
So stay in you VORTEX,your higher consciousness;excuses be gone...and  to make it happen..u deserve it all!
We all do!

We have ARCHANGEL MICHAEL  and ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL with us this week...always by our side..guiding and protecting us,only if we are willing to listen and receive...
If some of u may feel i am repeating myself,please excuse me...but as our ARCHANGELS relay these messages through the cards and and my gut,i reiterate certain important factors which may have not been addressed so far by many of us and i do include myself here too.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL says that if you are confused by conflicted feelings and are unsure of which direction to go in,ask him to help you delve into your emotons,peeling away layers in order to reach your inner core of truth.He guides you to write down everything you are thinkng and feeling-without editing and censoring your words.Keeping a private journal will enable u gain insights into the nature of what you genuinely desire.This clarity will illuminate the steps you need to take next.If u have been waiting to take up writing as a hobby or a career,go ahead with that because writing may be a  part of your Divine Life Purpose.And if u have already written a book..or  a series of articles and are apprehensive about it,please do not procrastinate;submit it to a publisher or a magazine.

AA MICHAEL says this week u may encounter a soul-mate relationship.Maybe an ex-lover comes back into your life....however it is for you to decide whether this person is gonna make your life better or worse,as a number of times we go back into the same rut cause we may be feeling lonely.So think hard and long before u make a decision and ask for AA MICHAEL'S assistance along the way.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL says if you are concerned about  a certain health situation,it may be some time before the improvements are visible or palpable-in the meantime stay on this positive path.Remain optimistic and continue taking positive lifestyle actions.Also follow your intuitive guidance to see better results.
AA RAPHAEL also emphasizes on meditation or yoga...whatever u feel suits your body at this point of time.
He is guiding you to stretch your body in gentle order to release stress and relax your mind and body.

AA RAPHAEL wants to remind us that worry and stress can never help any situation,but laughter and prayer do have  curative effects.He is here to help u see the humor within the human drama so that you can detach and lighten your heart.There are times when it is even difficult to smile,but there's always big release felt after a good laugh.So enjoy the circus of life...ღ(ˆ◡ˆ) ...and  AA RAPHAEL is always there to help cheer u up.

As the Law of Attraction says,"If your involvement in your time-space-reality inspires within you any sincere desire,then the Universe has the means to supply the results that you seek."

Your world,present and future,is directly and specifically affected by the signal that you are now transmitting.The personality that is 'YOU' is really an eternal personality,but who you are 

right now and what you are thinking right now,rather what you are 'giving your attention to' right now is causing a focusing of Energy that is very powerful.This Energy that you are focusing is the same Energy that creates worlds.And it is,in this moment,creating your world!

So take  a minute and think about it...think about what you are thinking...cause as u are thinking u are attracting...and if u are unaware or are negative,u do not want to reach some place by default.. and wonder how did i get here now?We are the co-creators of our reality...and we will get what we want...provided we learn to live as one...reach out to others selflessly...and give out unconditional love.There is 'NO OTHER' way u can succeed.
That was the our creator.To live and let live.To love and be loved in return.To give without any expectation.To help a person in need.
Remember, the astral eyes are always watching! ღ(ˆ◡ˆ)

So sending a shower of blessings to all my dear members...
I love you alllllllllll.
And am here if u need me...
Love and light..
Angel Blessings

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